Letter 005 - Hole in my chest


Dear Shazi,

A few days back I had a dream that I woke up  (in my dream )and noticed  that right at my heart there is a hole in my chest which is blocked with a thin black shield, suddenly that shield pops up and some black substance blows out. My inside was bright and I could see every thing clearly.

Please can you reply to my dream.


This is an excellent dream as the black substance covering your heart was a blockage that has now blown away.
The black substance could be a variety of things from past bad memories, regret, hatred, jealousy, worries, and negative vibes. However, your mental approach on how you conduct your life has changed, which is excellent.
A more positive approach has been adopted by you and it is why your heart once again is shining bright. You can now think more clearly as all the worries and things that were clogging your heart are now gone.