Letter 003 - The Crystal Heart


Dear Shazi

I wish to share my meditation experience with you.

I saw the planet earth in space, the top of it had sectioned off like a lid of a container, I found myself going inside and the top of the earth re-sealed. There were many jewels inside the earth.

I felt the earth was shaking quite intensely which lasted for some time until it gradually lessened and then eventually had stilled. At this point I saw larger long crystals of different colours emitting light and in turn walked under each one starting with red then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

The crystals grouped together and formed a circle of which white light was emitted which filled the inside of the earth. This light went through the walls of the inner earth towards the outside in puffs of smoke, but as it reached the outside the earth now appeared to be a heart which seemed to be my own.

Then the meditation ends.