Letter 002 - The Two Rooms


Dear Shazi

Early in the morning on Saturday 24th September 2011, I had the most vivid and unusual dream. I am not quite sure what it means but I sense that there is an important message behind it. I am sending it to you in the hope that you may shed some light on the matter.

It begins with me being on a journey. I was not alone as my husband and daughter were accompanying me. We decided to stop and rest at a hotel overnight. When I asked at the reception desk if there were any rooms available, I was informed that there were only two rooms. My husband said, “I’ll get the bags from the car. You check the rooms out.”

I immediately cringed when I saw the first room. It was completely devoid of any colour. It was dark and dingy and cramped. The bed was small and dirty covered in grey bedding. The bathroom was tiny and mouldy with paint flaking and peeling off the walls. I instantly decided that no way was I going to spend another moment in this room. I made a very hasty retreat and went back to the reception desk.

The hotel clerk said there was another room available, but warned that people often found it difficult to remain in that room after seeing it. However, I was determined and in a positive frame of mind went to check out the second room. My husband had joined us by then and he walked straight into the room with our bags saying he needed the bathroom.

As I approached the entrance to the room I noticed how vibrant and rich the colours were inside. The ceiling was extremely high with an elaborate crystal chandelier. There was an exquisite hand woven rug embellishing the floor in deep hues of red and gold. I noticed a huge multi panelled window to my left with thick brocade curtains draped on either side. They were heavily embroidered and edged with sumptuous golden tassels, along with the lovely ornate pelmet which framed the tall window. The room just blew my mind away. It reminded me of a luxurious palace and I was amazed that we could afford such a room.

However, as I stepped over the threshold to enter the room, I immediately noticed five figures standing side by side in the middle of the room, facing me. They looked like apparitions as I could almost see right through them. They appeared to be children between the ages of 10 – 12 years old. The odd thing I noticed was that they were grey and had hideous faces which looked decayed. Their grotesque features along with the hostile look they were directing my way made me fearful for my daughter as she was stood next to me, holding my right hand. However, it didn’t appear that she could see them, which reassured me. I myself felt no fear as I was determined to stay in this heavenly room no matter what. With a strong conviction in my heart I pointed to the window at my left, which happened to be open. I looked at each of the ghastly phantoms and in clear and steady voice commanded them to, “LEAVE”. They each seemed surprised, but without any argument immediately left through the open window.

In an instant I ran to the window and closed it firmly. I then ‘SEALED’ the window. I do not know how I did this but I somehow felt that it was extremely important to do so. I then checked the room for other windows but found none which were open. I also pleasantly discovered that there were many rooms in the hotel suite. They were all decorated in the same sumptuous style as the entrance lounge. The main bedroom had a king-sized four poster bed draped with heavy brocade curtains; it was fit for a king. The on-suite bathroom was to die for! It had a huge sunken marble bath! Before I get sidetracked, I must emphasize that although the rest of the windows were closed I carefully ‘sealed’ each one in turn.

At this point my husband joined me and asked what I thought of the room. I expressly told him not to open any of the windows as I had ‘sealed’ them! That is when I awoke and realised that the dream conveyed an important message which I couldn’t decipher. I knew it was something positive as I felt really happy, and there was certainly something significant about ‘sealing’ the windows.

That is where you come in Shazi. I would greatly appreciate it if you could channel the meaning of the dream so that I can understand the significance behind it. Wouldn’t it be great if I could stay in the palace of my dreams!
Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for making time in your busy schedule.


This is a wonderful and positive dream; there are several parts to the dream and I will explain/interpret them one by one.
When you and your family are travelling by van on a journey this is actually your life and the current changes you have made just recently. By stopping at a hotel, shows the decisions you have to make to progress in your life.

There are two rooms one which is simply unacceptable and the other incredible. This shows that in your life you are able to distinguish between the two; a life that leads to misery, falsehood, lies and deceitfulness and the other the truth and love. By you moving into the nice room shows you have made a decision which is correct and is shown by the incredible decoration. Otherwise, if you would have continued with opting for the room where the decoration has substandard, this would have lead you to a life which would have caused a lot of emotional baggage and upset.

When you entered the nice room there were five spirits, stopping you; in life there are always some people who want you to be different and mislead others as there foundation is weak or they simply do not care. Life is full of people who are jealous of others. However, you made another excellent decision by telling them to leave. This shows your will power, and how strong and determined you are in succeeding what you want to do by sealing the windows. By doing so, you have made the decision not to go back to your old routine of living.

The room was lavishly decorated as the Creator rewards all those who make the correct decision in life, as you have done. And you are directing your family to be with you is also important, as they are in your dream too.

Well done for an inspiring dream and making the correct judgements in your life.

Take care