Letter 001 - The Cleansing


Dear Shazi

I’m just writing to tell you about the amazing experience I had during meditation on Friday 23rd September. I remember phoning you prior to meditation asking you to channel your energy towards me to enhance my meditation. I had no idea it would have such a profound effect!

First of all I decided to meditate whilst sitting close to my six year old daughter as she slept. I somehow sensed that her energy would help me. I then took three cleansing breaths and almost within seconds went into a deep state of mediation. Initially I kept my mind clear and just listened to the silence within.

After a few moments had passed, unexpected feelings and emotions started building up in my chest. Gradually they became stronger and clearer. I soon realised that they were painful experiences which had occurred many years ago. Then I felt a strong rush of particular incidents which had happened on different occasions. The single factor which was common in all these recollections was that they had caused deep hurt and anguish, particularly as those involved in inflicting the pain, were family members.

Even though I was in a deep meditative state, and my breathing was so shallow that it was barely negligible, I felt the immense pressure of the pain building up in my chest. I was forced to confront the repressed memories which were causing such acute pain. Outwardly, I was sitting calmly, but internally there was complete turmoil, it was a paradox.

Just when I thought my chest would explode with the intensity of the pain, I suddenly saw your face in my mind. You had a radiant smile on your face and I immediately felt your light shining on me, surrounding me and giving me strength. It was in that very moment that I found a blessed release in tears. But these were no ordinary tears. They were extremely thick, dark and heavy, almost like a viscose liquid. These tears were like nothing I had ever experienced before. They fell slowly and achingly, millimetre by millimetre, and eventually found a path to the centre of my chest. There they rested.

Along with these unusual tears, all the pain and hurt which I had locked in my heart over many years was miraculously being washed away and cleansed. I could physically feel the accumulation of hurt dissipate. At this point I felt an exhilarating sense of freedom and inner peace. I gradually came out of the meditation and felt a deep sense of happiness and relaxation. It felt almost alien! Thanks to you I had the most intense and soul inspiring meditation experience which has left my heart feeling light and carefree for the first time!

I know I phoned you (early!) next morning to briefly thank you and could barely get the words out due to the intense emotions and gratitude I felt at the time. I am sending this email a week later so that you have a more detailed account of what actually happened during that meditation and to ask whether it is a normal occurrence to cry whilst meditating.

I also want you to know that I feel a greater sense of inner peace since then and small things which used to irritate me no longer have any affect. I feel so much calmer and in control of my life. But beyond that I feel happy, really light hearted and extremely happy! It truly feels alien, not being stressed and restless! It’s wonderful! Everyone should try it!!!

Heartfelt thank you Shazi . You are always in my prayers.