Series 038 - Meditation 9 - Meditation of Moon Lights


Meditation of Moon Lights

The rays from the sun grants warmth to everything and as a result, growth occurs. In the same way the light from the moon grants sweetness to everything. For example, when fruits and crops absorb the moonlight, then their flavour and sweetness is produced within them.

These rays are also absorbed by human beings and produce the warmth and sweetness in the blood. As the blood flows through the brain, feelings and emotions are produced according to its temperature, such as anger, excitement, turmoil, desire to do work etc from sun light. When the effects of the moonlight are felt, calmness, softness and affection prevails. The rays of the moon bring out the deep emotions of affection and intimacy.  This is why on a clear moonlit night; couples show more romantic feelings to each other than any other night. These feelings are delicate emotions that are associated with the soul which proves that the rays of the moon do have an effect on the soul’s senses.

The material senses in this material world are dense and physical. However, the spiritual senses are much finer, which are associated with our inner-selves. By absorbing more and more light from the moon, the spiritual senses within us awaken and help us to connect to ourselves with our soul or the inner-self.


  • Imagine that you are sitting under the sky and the rays of the moon are falling on top of your head. These rays are then gathering in your heart as well as gathering and storing in your mind.
  • Maintain this concentration for up to 20 minutes a day.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)