Series 037 - Meditation 8 - Meditation of Yellow Lights


Meditation of Yellow Lights

There are three types of ‘generators’ functioning within each human being. These generators are responsible for producing three forms of electric currents. The three currents are collectively known as ‘man’. The three forms of electric currents produce various different senses within man. Senses are formed by the action of the motion of the electric currents and the functioning of the senses which are known as life. The electric current is therefore a ‘life stream’. A single central point that is called ‘Aalam-e-Amar’ controls the three generators.

Aalam-e-Amar is a record that contains all the knowledge of the entire universe. As the record becomes active, its subsequent motion is passed into the three generators that operate within man. This then transfers their energy into the brain cells of man. Once absorbed, these waves of energy ascribe meaning to the information contained within them. In this way thoughts are produced in our mind.

The three generators are operating simultaneously;

The electric waves produced by generator 1, have a very high frequency. These waves pass through the brain like a flash of light. With this a thought is originated. This stage is known as ‘inspiration’. This is a record of the whole of the universe.

The second generator has two types of waves. One is positive and the other is negative. These waves enter the stage of inspiration and grant the process of thought and conception to the incoming information received by the brain. However, this conception remains hidden to the physical eye but is seen clearly by the inner eye.

The electric waves which are generated by the third generator, gives depth to the conception in the mind and then, a picture is created. As this strengthens, colour is added into this picture. As a result, action or motion is perceived. This perception is based upon two sides. One is concerned with the physical features of the material body, such as the eyes, nose, ears, hands etc, while the other is concerned with its abilities, such as sight, smell and touch.etc.

The display of the universal record using these physical features is the material life of man. This life is spent in the bounds of time and space where the speed of the senses is very slow.
Over and above the physical features, when the electric waves operate in conjunction with the abilities or attributes, then the speed increases by 10,000 to 60,000 times. As this speed increases, the inner eye starts to witness clear pictures that are arrived by thought and conception.
The yellow light is ‘wisdom’. This is like the light from a lamp or a lantern, the further this light travels, the further the sight can see. This wisdom spreads throughout the universe as the inner eye begins to see things much more clearly. By performing meditation with yellow light, the inner eye will be able to see the invisible realm.


  • Use the same method of meditation as with Blue Lights (part 5). Remember to use a yellow bulb during this meditation.
  • Maintain this concentration for up to 15 minutes a day for up to six weeks.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)