Series 036 - Meditation 7 - Meditation of Green Lights


Meditation of Green Lights

In this world, our eyes see things in colour. If we can understand what sight actually is, then we can understand colour with ease. Sight is a strength that belongs to our inner sense. When we die our ability to see dies too. This means that sight operates with the help of the lens of the eye. With the lens of the eye the soul visualises everything in this world. The soul itself is a light and therefore the sight of the soul is a ray of light. This ray travels from its origin to Earth and passes through the lens of the eye (of the material body) and strikes an object. It then bounces back off the object and travels back to the brain. This process is known as sight. After passing through the brain, this light goes back to where it originated and stores itself.

From the origin of the light, its rays travel a specific distance up to the brain. Within this specific distance, everything seen by the mind or the sight is in colour. That is to say, every colour deputes the distance between the origin of the light and the mind.

The colours are absorbed by the brain and are transformed into voltages. These voltages are felt by our senses. When a green colour becomes a voltage, it provides harmony to the heart and the mind. Harmony therefore can be called the rays of the colour Green.

We as humans cannot remain happy at all times. For the majority of the time, we slip into pitfalls of uncertainty and anxiety and as a result, become unhappy. In such a case performing meditation of green light restores the waves of harmony, and brings about inner peace. Have you ever wondered why we feel so happy we see lovely green field?


  • Use the same method of meditation as with Blue Lights (part 5). Remember to use a green bulb during this meditation.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)