Series 033 - Meditation 4 - Meditation of Mercury Light


Meditation of Mercury Light

Modern science has unveiled before us many hidden laws which govern the formation of the Universe. The knowledge that science presents before us is based upon experimentation, practice and by observation. This knowledge exists in the atmosphere of the universe. However, when this knowledge unveils before the human eye, man thinks that this knowledge is the effort of his own research or that he is the owner of this.

Every form of research and every form of knowledge is dependent on information descending on the mind. If the brain ceases to receive the information, then every operation of the body and the mind will cease. This means that our brain is a receiver of information from an invisible source at all times. It is this action of the brain that keeps man alive in this world.

Compared to all other creatures, man possesses extra wisdom and power. Along with this wisdom and power, man has got the curiosity that creates faith and belief to know the secret of the unknown. Faith or belief is the key to open the inner eye. Using the inner eye, man can witness the realm from where the brain obtains information. Once man equates himself directly with this realm, the restrictions of time and space are overcome.

In order to understand time and space consider the analogy of a path and a traveller using this path. Consider time to be the path and the traveller to be space. The traveller will complete this journey according to the speed in which he is travelling.

In every part of the universe, time and space both function together. The projector of time is the light that contains the pictures and images of the universal film. In the material world our eyes see the space only (i.e. the images) and time remains hidden operating in the background. However our existence or the existence of the universe is not beyond that of time. In others words, time is a ‘base’ upon which space is standing. The operation of time is ‘hidden’ and is in the horizontal plane whereas the functioning of space is visible and is in the diagonal plane.

The horizontal motion is that of our mind (or the inner) and the diagonal motion is that of our body (or the visible). This in other words is known as the Sub-Conscious and the Conscious.

Mankind has an eye that is capable of witnessing both planes. In this world we spend our life in two ways. One is the conscious life (the state of wakefulness) and the other is the sub-conscious life (that is the state of dreams).

In the state of sleep, we witness dreams that the eye sees in terms of time. This time zone is the realm of Mercury light. Similar to the realm itself, the images or pictures that are present within it are mercury in colour too.

The motion of time is changing in to space at every instant in the universe and this itself is the information of the mind, that is to say, the light from the sub-conscious is transferred into the conscious. Once it is transferred into the conscious, the light becomes full colour and the conscious visualises the light in terms of colour. This is because after transferring into the conscious, its motion changes from horizontal to diagonal. Horizontal motions are rays of mercury whereas diagonal motions are rays of colour. Matter consists of both types of rays.

By meditating of mercury rays/lights, the grip of time and space within us breaks down. The motion of the mercury rays speeds up within our conscious and that also speeds up our conscious action, as a result, all of our work starts to operate a lot faster.

Method of Meditation

  • Imagine that there is a pool of mercury and you are swimming in it (a bit like a fish swimming in water). Imagine that you are enjoying this experience.
  • Keep up the concentration for 15-20 minutes a day.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)