Series 031 - Meditation 2 - Treatment with Muraqba


Treatment with Muraqba

A body of light consists of various ‘rings’ of colour, surrounding our material body. This surrounding body of light is approximately nine inches apart from the material body and is known as the ‘Aura’. The light from the atmosphere first enters into the Aura, and is then operated in a fixed appointed quantity in each ring of the Aura. The Aura absorbs the rays of light from the atmosphere and any excess amount of light that is accumulated is discharged or ‘earthed’ into the material body.

Light is energy and energy produces electric currents, which is why electric currents are produced and flow through our body. The body requires these low voltages in order to function. The point where the excess light is first discharged is the top centre of the skull. This is the very point, which can be felt on a newborn baby. This area is very soft and the bones are separated from the rest of the skull. Gradually with age these bones merge together. Through this region, the various lights from the Aura are transferred into the rest of the material body. As the lights enter the brain they are transformed into different senses. The light that is discharged into the body therefore contains information about the Aura.

Our Aura is that body which we visualise in our dreams. The body of the Aura operates in the realm of dreams and the material body operates in this 3D world. Both bodies exchange or pass information between them because our life is present with both of the bodies. During the daytime, we see and sense using the characteristics of the material body and during the night when we are asleep, we use the senses of the Aura.

When we are asleep we witness and perceive through the characteristics and experience the realm of the Aura, good or bad, and inform the material body of the incidents. This causes the material body to absorb negative thoughts which then utilises these thoughts in the form of motion and action. If for some reason the accumulation of negative rays exceed a nominal amount, then the areas of the body which are within the range of these rays become affected, the consequences of this are that we fall ill. The process of exchanging positive and negative light between the Aura and the material body is a process which remains operative within us at times of our life, until we die.

The will of the human being and the conscious are capable of controlling the light in such that we can make the light enter and discharge through our body as we desire. In order to effectively control the lights, we can make use of the techniques of Muraqba, and control the light as we desire to treat illnesses. We can even treat patients who are not present before us by using visualisation. This method of treatment is called ‘Nair-e-Nijat’.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)