Series 030 - Meditation 1 - Why is Muraqba Performed?


Why is Muraqba Performed?

Human beings are not considered to be the most superior of all the creatures of God, merely because there are more intelligent creatures than us. For example, if we analyse the behaviour of animals, we find that they too demonstrate a high degree of intelligence which if not greater, is by no means less than the degree of intelligence demonstrated by human beings.

Consider for instance, the behaviour of adult birds, in the same way in which human beings provide for all the needs of their children. An adult bird too provides all the necessities for the young chicks in order to survive from the day they are born to the day they fly away and leave the nest. Upon feeding the chicks, the adult bird knows that they are not yet capable of digesting the food properly for themselves. So the bird chews the food and adds acids and enzymes from its throat, which breakdown the food quickly before placing it in the mouth of its chicks. In this way the acids and enzymes are transferred into the stomach of the chicks. Such behaviour demonstrates that birds too are very intelligent.

Upon studying the behaviour of animals we come to the conclusion that all animals have a high degree of intelligence. In certain cases some animals even demonstrate a higher degree of intelligence than human beings.  

The question then arises; why are human beings considered to be superior to all the other creatures of God?

It is because human beings have been granted the knowledge and understanding of the attributes and the abilities, which are operative inside themselves, as well as those which function in all the other creatures. Human beings can accord their will; make use of these attributes and abilities for their advantage, whereas other creatures have not been granted the knowledge of their abilities.

All the creative abilities are present within each and every human being. However until we (human beings) explore and practice these creative abilities inside us, we cannot become familiar with their virtues and therefore as a result we cannot make full use of the benefits which nature has granted us.

For example, until an artist produces a work of art, he himself remains unfamiliar of his ability and as a result others around him too remain unaware of his skill and the work that can be produced.

Our inner-self receives its energy from an ‘infinite source’.

Each individual has named this infinity according to his will. Some have termed this infinity as Nature, some have called it Ailiya and others have called it God. We call this infinity an ‘Energy Field’. It is from this source, that our brain and the body receive power and energy at all times. If we become familiar with this and understand this energy field, we can then receive and make use of it.

Since this energy field is related to our innerself, it is by means of this relationship that we can obtain this energy. It is important that we recognise and understand the central points, to where this ‘energy flow’ descends and then spreads to the whole of the body. If we recognise ourselves with the central points within our inner-self, we can then control this incoming energy as we wish.

There are six points within our inner-self, upon which this energy descends. There is a seventh point within the inner-self, where all the energy meets up at a single point and forms the creative image. These seven points are collectively known as ‘Lataif’ (Chakras).  By performing Muraqba (meditation), we can recognise these seven points and understand the energy flow within them.

Since this energy is universal, by becoming familiar with this energy, we develop a universal power within our inner-self, which helps us to increase the amount of light (Noor) that we accumulate and store within our inner-self. This in turn helps to increase our wisdom. As a result of this, our inner abilities start to function a lot faster. The light from the ‘infinite source’ is positive energy and when we become aware with these lights, a positive thinking pattern starts to operate within us, which keeps us in a peaceful and a happy state of mind. These lights then emerge from within us and spread all around us and when someone else enters the boundaries, they too feel the peaceful effects of these lights.

In this day and age, mankind has failed to control the negative rays that surround us, which is why they are suffering from a lack of inner peace and harmony. A solution to this problem is to perform muraqba (meditation) on a regular basis, so that we can accumulate and store more and more of the positive rays to dispel any negativity.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)