Series 029 - Ten Lives of the Soul (Part 4)



The day of Judgement

Yom-ul-Hisaab is the Court of Justice and the Chief Justice will be God. Everybody will be put on trial, here. God will give the final decision and command everybody to their destination. The conscious of Yom-ul-Hisaab is the conscious of self-awareness. Everybody will be known by his abilities. In spiritual terms, conscious means sight. In this zone, mankind will be divided into two groups. One group will consist of healthy and beautiful people and the other group will be made up of sick and disabled people.

The healthy group will know that they have been chosen and the sick will realise that they have lost and misunderstood the meaning of life.


Heaven and Hell

The healthy people will be taken to paradise and the disabled will go to hell. All the people will cross the bridge called 'Pul Saraat'. It is a narrow hanging bridge, between the Sky and Earth. This bridge is extremely narrow and open on both sides. On the other side of the bridge is heaven and deep below is hell. The healthy people will be able to cross the bridge onto the other side and the disabled will be unable to keep their balance and fall into hell. The soul will live in Paradise or Hell for a very long time.

Jannat (Heaven) is an open space, which is made up and filled with the creative Lights of God. The people in this space can use the creative lights with the power of their Will, to create the things they need or desire. The will of the individual will manifest in form of reality, for example, if a person wishes to eat an apple, the apple will appear before him instantaneously.

By using this conscious, the soul gets self-acknowledgement and feels fulfilled. In this zone every man and woman find their other half and become a unit of one. When they see each other, they will know that they are two parts of the same soul.

Together they develop the conscious of eternity. They understand the reason why they were sent to Heaven or Hell. This is the highest degree of faith, when the self-ego of a human being truly recognises itself as being a total dependent on God from beginning to end.

The fully developed conscious of eternity is ready to enter Eternity.


Abad is the completion of Adam's self-ego. The self-ego of Adam wanted to reveal the reality of being created. In Abad, every Adam will be in pairs. Together they will display the knowledge and they will learn more and more about God.

Every movement of Adam and Eve will be the movement of God's Will in this zone. Man and Woman will consciously see themselves as the Light of God. This is the conscious of Baseer (Sight of God).
The self-ego of Adam merges into the Light of God like a drop in the ocean.



This zone is the destiny of self-ego. The reality of 'being' is concealed in God's Command of 'Be'. Adam is the image of the Command 'Be'. The reality of being is concealed in Adam.

The reality is the self-ego, the Light of God, the stream of life, which is the Trust of God.

Example; the ocean is a collection of drops. Each drop is part of the ocean. Drops do not know the reality. The ocean desires to show the drop this truth. The drop has no individual identity at this point. Each drop considers itself to be the ocean. It is not aware that it is being strengthened by the self-ego of the ocean.

The ocean splashes the drops away from itself. The task of the drop is to recognise itself as part of the ocean. In the short time it takes for the drop to fall back to its source, it has to comprehend this reality.

This mission has been completed. In Abad-ul-Abaad, each being recognises itself as a particle of God's Light. They recognise themselves with the sight of God. Every particle knows the ego is the Creator, the One and Only God and that there is nothing except God.

Abad-ul-Abaad is Infinity. It is the Light of God, the silliness before the Command of 'Be'.

The truth of being is in the sight of God. Adam is the medium of the sight of God, if only he would open that eye.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)