Series 028 - Ten Lives of the Soul (Part 3)



Zone of Matter: Life on Earth

The soul enters this world in the form of a new born baby. The first sense that the baby uses is hearing because the eyes are usually closed. The first sensation however is security, love and comfort of the mother's arms. The mother's nature is unconditional love in return.

In this zone, the soul gets a personal identity by receiving a name for the child born. This is a zone of learning with the conscious of personal identity. The soul has a project of discovering all the information that was placed in its brain before birth. The stored information is connected with the Heavens and Earth.

Earth is a zone where opposites exist side by side. A person spends a lifetime in the routine of night and day. Night is the time that activates the spiritual consciousness of a person while the daytime activates the physical consciousness of an individual. The individual is faced with a choice of opposites in every aspect and every decision of life.

There are two rotations of the human conscious. They are similar to the rotation of the Earth. One rotation is on the axis. This is a movement on a small radius. Let us call this the physical conscious. This conscious perceives only 5% of reality. The other rotation is the orbit. This movement is on a much wider radius. Let us call this the spiritual conscious. This conscious perceives 95% of reality.

This zone is the school of the soul. The lifetime of Earth should be used to discover the Divine Plan and to understand the Will of God.

Whatever the human being learns in this world, it will determine his/her abilities or disabilities in the next lives. The individual has to educate both the physical and spiritual consciousness in this world. This was the teaching of all the Prophets.

In the previous zone, the soul prepared a body for this world. Now the soul prepares a body for the next zone. This body is called 'Jism-e-Misali'. It is the dream body or the cosmic body. It is made up of lights of our intentions. For example, a positive person has a healthy cosmic body while a negative person will have a weak cosmic body. When death occurs, the soul discards the physical body like the placenta and the cosmic body moves on to the next zone.

A perfect body will have the abilities to adapt to the new lifestyle of the next zone.

A weak and disabled body will be handicapped. The Teachings of Prophets give us instructions to create an able body for the next life.

The most important element for the strength of Jism-e-Misali is faith in God and life after death. Doubt weakens and disables us in the next zone.

It is very important to use both our physical and spiritual conscious to gain maximum knowledge. The Holy Books were revealed for the guidance of mankind. The knowledge in those books is a Trust from God. Every human being is accountable for the Divine Trust. The soul is fully aware of it. The physical conscious finds it difficult to comprehend. This is why it is a test of the believers.


THE COSMIC WORLD; Heart Conscious

All the experience of the matter world results in emotions, joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety, contentment, revenge, peace, remorse, etc, they all come part of the memory of the cosmic body. This memory is a record of the abilities that the soul developed in the previous zone (Earth). If the memory contains more positive emotions, the soul will follow that record and if the memory is full of negative emotions, it will follow that record. This record is the total inheritance of the soul. The soul will expand on this knowledge.

Earth was the zone of learning. E'Raaf is the zone of putting into practice what it learnt before. The Holy Books have referred to it as, 'what you sow, so shall you reap'. There are two ways of thinking, positive and negative. The way of thinking that becomes a habit in Alam-e-Nasoot (Earth) continues in this zone. It cannot learn new knowledge.

The conscious of E'raaf is much greater. The body is made of lights. The speed of the brain is 60,000 times faster than the matter brain. This means that the emotions will be 60,000 more intense and refined. Imagine being happy. Now imaging being 60,000 times happier. The same with anger. Imagine being angry, and now imaging being 60,000 times angrier. There will be no one to get you out of a miserable state. That is why the Holy people taught us to be content and have faith in God.

The Holy Quran: Surah 6, v32

'Nothing is the life of this world but play and amusement. But best is the Home in the Hereafter, for those who are righteous. Will ye not then understand?'

In this zone, the needs of the body will be the same as hunger, thirst, sex, creative activities and social relations etc.
E'Raaf is the Jism-e-Misali of the planet Earth. Every night, during dream state, our Jism-e-Misali visits E'raaf.


When the planet Earth will end, life on E'raaf will also come to an end. End of one life means beginning of another life. The heart conscience changes. The third and fourth zones contained both positive and negative energies.

Nafakh-e-Soor is the start of the balancing process.

Zone five is a turbulent zone. Soor is a sound that will be heard in E'raaf. It will be so serve and intense that it will destroy the senses of Jisme-e-Misali. The hearing was the start of the human conscious and the hearing will bring it to an end.

Soor is the preparation of the exam. There will be a period of unconsciousness. New bodies will be formed during this unconscious period, like the period of the mother's womb. In the mother's womb the soul followed the genetic code of the parents to form a body, now it will follow the record of the memory of the individual.

Positive people will have absorbed lights (Noor) and negative people will have absorbed darkness (Naar). The soul will form a new body with Noor and Naar in the same ratio as the individual record shows. The Quran mentions that when the believers will rise, their faces will shine and the disbelievers will have dark faces.

Alam-e-Nafakh-e-Soor is the start of Labour.


The second stage of labour

This will be the worst position of the cosmic conscious. There will be utter confusion and commotion. People with knowledge will guide the masses but most of them will be panic stricken. After the highest level of confusion, everybody will get tired and the cosmic body will collapse. This will be the second death of mankind. Death only occurs on one side of the conscious. The cosmic conscious will die and the inner, spiritual conscious, will be born.

This is the second birth of the human being.

The new body is the body of eternity. This body will remain forever. The soul will see and recognise itself in this body. The soul possesses the conscious of the species, in other words the soul will always know that it is the spirit of the species of mankind. It will always be aware of the Divine Command of God.

Recognition of the above conscious leads to self-judgement of the abilities of the soul. This conscious brings the soul towards its, Lord, the Creator, and the Mighty God.
(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)