Series 027 - Ten Lives of the Soul (Part 2)


What is a soul?

The Soul has many names. Here are a few:

Spirit, Atma, Chi, Life Force, and Energy are some familiar terms. The Arabic word for soul is ROOH. All the Holy Books have mentioned the soul as the ever living part of the human body/being.

The Holy Quran: Surah 15; v28-29

"Behold!" thy Lord said To the angels: "I am about To create man, from sounding clay From mud moulded into shape; When I have fashioned him (In due proportion) and breathed into him of My Spirit, Fall ye down in obeisance unto him."

This means clearly that every human being is the Will of God. His Knowledge, His Love and His Thoughts have been past to us by the Spirit/Soul Rooh.
In order to understand the science of the Soul or Roohaniat (in Arabic), you would need a teacher. This teacher of soul science is called a Sufi Master. These Sufi Masters are the teachers of Sufism, a study of the Divine reality as taught by The Prophets. (May peace be upon them)
Knowledge of the unseen can only be learnt through the vision of the soul. Through Meditation and Muraqba you can experience and witness the truth.

Rooh: The Will of God

Behind every action you must have Will Power. Without this will power, you will be unable to move and go forward in life. The Rooh has the power of God's Will. He, the Lord God Almighty, inspired the Rooh of Adam with His Creative Knowledge as mentioned in the Surah above. He then told Adam to use this knowledge and strive forward to conquer the Universe. God said that He was a Hidden Treasure, He wanted to be discovered so he created Adam. The real purpose of mankind is to discover the Creator with the senses and the Will Power that God granted us.

The conscience of the Rooh is like a point that unfolds and spreads out like a spiral discovering and absorbing information from different zones of the universe.
There are ten zones in which the soul can experience its spiritual life. In each zone, the soul uses its five senses, which are Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch, to learn how to use and enjoy the treasures that He has spread around it. The surrounding atmosphere and the scale and intensity of the senses are different in every zone. The conscience of the soul can contract to one point or expand over the whole Universe. It is here in the ten zones that the Rooh develops the ability to recognise the Creator's Design.


Arwah is the plural of Rooh which means the soul. This is the zone of souls. Here the atmosphere is made up of the Divine Lights. The Divine Attributes are called the Names of God, and each attribute or name has a specific Light and Colour. God Commanded "BE" and everything came into "Being"

Holy Quran: Surah 2: v117

The Originator Of the heavens and the earth: When he decreeth a matter, He saith to it: "BE," And it is.

This Command is called the "KUN" command. All the souls were created when God said "Kun". There are eleven and a half thousand attributes of God. Alam-e-Arwah, which is 1 of them, is full of combinations of these Colours. When God created the souls, they were in a state of unconscious. Then God said, "I AM YOUR LORD." The voice of God was carried on the Divine Attribute SAMI. This means, The Hearer. This attribute (SAMI) formed and activated the hearing system of the soul. Thus the first sense out of our five senses was formed and activated. When the sense of hearing was opened, it activated the mind. The souls become curious. They turned towards the Voice and focused on the Creator. Focusing activated the Sight of the souls. It was then they saw and acknowledged God as the Lord Almighty.

This is how the senses and the mind of the soul worked. The first sense to receive information is Hearing. Hearing stimulates the mind. A stimulated mind becomes curious. Curiosity results in targeting. Targeting is Seeing. What has been seen is registered in the brain. The proof of seeing (witnessing) is to acknowledge or repeat in words what the eyes have witnessed. This pattern of the senses and mind is repeated in all zones.

In Zone One, the soul has no personal identity. It is free and happy. It lives and feeds on the Lights of the Divine Attributes. It is these Divine Attributes that make up the body of the soul. Once it has absorbed the required quantity of the Lights, it is then commanded to transfer to the next zone. In every zone, the soul absorbs the elements from that environment and creates a body (conscious) for itself to experience the dimensions of that world.


The Mother’s womb: The zone of darkness. The Quran mentions the "three darkness" in the mother's womb.

The soul has started the journey of discovering and understanding the Divine Plan. The soul arrives in this zone through a precise divine system. The atmosphere in this world is dark with fluid and there is no concept of day and night. The soul receives instructions from the Lights through the ears, which are formed before the eyes just as the name SAMI (hearing) comes before the name Baseer (seeing). The soul follows these instructions given from the Lights and then through the genetic code of both of the parents, forms a body for itself. Like the previous zone, the soul absorbs the elements from its environment to form a new body. The unborn baby then draws out nutrients from the mother's blood and bones.

This is a very important Zone because the soul is receiving and storing the information of the whole Universe. Every piece of the Divine Information comes via ears which are encapsulated in the form of a brain cell. In other words every brain cell contains a specific type of information. Thus the whole picture of the universe is stored in every human brain. It is the image of Loh-e-Mehfooz.

In zone two, the most important part or the lifeline of the unborn child is the placenta. After birth, it is discarded. The relevant body is welcomed in this world in the loving arms of the mother.
The conscious of Barzukh is transferred to Nasoot.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)