Series 026 - Ten Lives of the Soul (Part 1)


Humankind is made of a body and a soul.  The physical body is like a disposable unit that lives for a specific period and to experience the life of this world.  The soul is Amar-e-Rabbi or the Will of God.  It is an indestructible part of us that lives on and travels into infinity.

The soul travels through ten zones of existence which are;

  1. Alam-Arwah,
  2. Alam-e-Barzukh,
  3. Alam-e-Nasoot,
  4. Alam-e-Aeraaf,
  5. Nafakh-e-Soor,
  6. Hashar Nashar,
  7. Yom-ul-Hisaab,
  8. Jannat and Jahhanum,
  9. Abad and
  10. Abab-al-Abad.

We at this moment are living in zone number three.   

Here I will discuss all ten zones with reference to the Quran and answer questions like;

Where did we come from?

Where will we go after death?

Where are Heaven and Hell?

Why does the soul travel in these zones?  In part 2  

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)