Series 025 - The Sufi Perception of Knowledge


The Universe is made up of different winds.  These winds are a flow of electric currents.  Thought, knowledge, motion, action and result are nothing more than an electric current.  If the brain is extracted from the skull, the electric current still remains.  That is why the soul of a person that can hear and speak.  We cannot hear the voice of the soul because its wavelength cannot reach our conscious, e.g. sound waves which are used in modern medicine to breakdown gall and kidney stones, but one cannot hear the sound.  The frequency that a human ear can hear between is about 20 to 20,000 hertz, however gets worst with age.

Everything in the Universe is in motion.  We either hear or not hear due to the ability of the frequency.  E.g. Radio waves use long waves and can only perform in its own frequency, not on short or medium wave frequency.

Intellect has two aspects – one is outer or revealed and the other is inner or concealed.  The central point of the intellect is known as the ‘Sixth Sense’.  Every brain cell contains the soul which is the other aspect of the electric flow.  In other words, the electric flow in the brain cells is the outer aspect of the intellect.  The inner aspect is the light of the Rooh (Soul) which is creating the electrical current.

Chromosome, body or matter is made up of 48 points or circles.
There are three types of chromosomes:

  1. This chromosome is used in the creation of the Angels.  It has no sexual desire.
  2. This chromosome is used in the creation of the Jinns.  It contains sexual desire and procreation.
  3. This chromosome also contains sexual desire and procreation and is used in the creation of human beings.


  • An average person cannot perceive the Angels and Jinns.
  • The breath revolves between the conscious and the subconscious.  When we breathe in, we get connected to the subconscious.  When we breathe out, we get connected to our physical conscious.  Breath is wind, which is the electrical flow.  It connects us to the inner and outer aspects of our existence.

When the conscious becomes acquainted with the inner self, it can draw out the energy from the core to the outer or physical. Sufi use this energy, in breath healing.

image 2 ‘Big Bang’ ---> Universe
Divine Light spread in a flash.
The soul can perceive the whole radius at the same time.
All perceptions are in the form of light because the soul is made of Divine Light.
Physical conscious.
All perceptions have physical dimensions and angles.
The human conscious understands shapes and colours.
Therefore, it is compelled to form a picture.  Dreams, Symbols, concept of God is often depicted in forms and shapes.
  • Man sleeps with his eyes open and closed.  When he wakes up from sleep, even then he is asleep.  In sleep and wakefulness it is the electric current, which creates senses.  The human body is nothing without that electric current.  The real perceptions, belongs to the soul.  The soul uses the physical body as a puppet.  Therefore, the physical body is an illusion.
  • Every 23 seconds space changes.  This change is called ‘Time’.  Every 23 seconds, new information comes to mind.  Every idea (information) is an angle of the vision.
  • ROOH is the DIVINE WILL ---> no dimensions.
  • JISME MISALI --> is the electrical body, Cosmic body or the dream body.
  • PHYSICAL BODY (matter body) --> The screen upon which the information of the other two bodies is displayed. This body is the display of the creative knowledge of the Jisme Misali.


SIGHT: We can only see a thing through the electric current, without which we cannot see.  The intensity of the electric current increases the radius of vision (dimmer switch).
ROOH: Amar or the Will of God (no movement, no dimensions). Knowledge of the Universe. Identity of Divine Will.
JISME MISALI: The electric body (Burraq = Barq = electricity).  The active body of the Rooh – self-identity as a species.
PHYSICAL BODY: Individual identity. Manifestation of the knowledge of the Rooh.
ARZ “EARTH”: In Sufi terms, Arz or Earth means a screen upon which knowledge is displayed e.g. the planet Earth, a tree, a human being, a flower, a butterfly, etc. are all perceived as Arz.

The electric body (Jisme Misali) is a medium, which enables us to see other things.  In other words, the electric body acts as a prism.
  • Arz has no dimensions.  It travels through the whole Universe in a split second and returns to where it was.
  • Arz is Transparent.  It is capable of passing through everything.
  • Arz is SIGHT = REPULSION.  The Nature of Arz is Repulsion.
  • NASMA is Atom.
  • TIME = DHUKHAN (carbon).
  • The nature of Nasma is ‘Attraction’.
  • Repulsion and attraction create a force, which is movement, or NASMA.
  • All atoms are a multiplication of carbon.  The Sufi term for carbon is Dhukhan or Rukhan.

image 3

Carbon has the ability to gather as many atoms as the Divine Will, and gives them shape and form.  Specific amount of carbon or the waves of Nasma create different species.  Carbon works under the Divine Command, which reaches it through the Rooh (Soul).

The lifetime of a moth is 6 hours, whereas the whale can live for much longger.  For a moth, the space of life passed in six hours, and for a whale, the space of life passes in years.  A cat can see at night as well as during the day.  This means that the space of night and the space of day are both working equally in the cat.  A snake can swallow a large rat.  An elephant is frightened of a lion, in spite of its size and weight.  This means that the space of the lion’s eye is showing the elephant in a smaller shape.

All small and all large space is connected to a carbon net.

  • Movement is a space of Knowledge of Truth – ILMUL YAQIN.
  • Action is the space of Sight of Truth – AINUL YAQIN.
  • Result is the space of Reality of Truth – HAQUL YAQIN.

The space of disobedience stops going into the space of obedience.  In other words, it has an overpowering influence on the human mind.  Divine Mercy clears the space of disobedience, if the person gets in that frame of mind.
There are over two billion cells in our brain.  Each cell has its own specific function.  One cell is connected to laughter, and Man will start laughing by touching it.  One cell is connected to crying, and by touching it, the person will immediately start to cry.  If you hit someone on the head without fracturing the skull, but the person becomes unconscious, it means the brain cells have been hurt.

Space is affected in the growth of trees.  The tree might not grow any further, but the space gets bigger.  For example, you could be watching a film on a screen; whether the screen is large or small, it will still show the same image on the screen.  This means that what we are watching on the screen is an illusion.  The real film is in the Video, which remains the same.

The Reality of the Universe is in the Amar-e Rabbi or Rooh.  The Rooh possesses the Divine Knowledge of the Universe.  This knowledge is like a video film of the Universe, from the beginning to the end.  In Sufi terms, it is known as Loh-e-Mehfooz, which is the complete memory of Adam’s soul.  This is the definitive and unchanged reality.

The Universal program is continuously displaying on 11,500 frequencies.  Each frequency creates billions and billions of stars and solar systems.  These frequencies are known as ISMA-E-ILAHIYA (Virtues of God).  These are the frequencies of the point of Unity (Nuqta-e-Wahdani).

Nuqta-e-Wahdani (Point of Unity) is the Divine Reflection known as Tajalli-e-Zaat.  Adam is the Intellect of the Point of Unity.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)