Series 024 - The Divine Law Of Creation


God shows three methods of creations in humans. First of all He created Adam. Adam’s creation is a direct display of God’s knowledge. God has the knowledge and the power of displaying what He wants to show the people.

There are three divine rules working in Adam's creation.

  • The knowledge
  • The ability to use that knowledge
  • The willpower to display that knowledge

Adam’s creation is the first display of these three Attributes of God which has a direct link with God. This direct link is called Ana. Ana is the frequency, which connects God and Adam. Adam receives all information through Ana. With this direct frequency, Adam receives the knowledge of his own creation and his own Creator. Adam learnt that he was capable of God’s Attributes, and had the power to use them. By knowing his inner power, he learnt that God wanted him to use his inner power. Adam was given the permission by God to display his abilities and inner powers. He then learnt to display the Creative Knowledge of God.

God Created the Universe. Adam has the creative mind and the knowledge of the Universe was pre-recorded by God in Adam’s mind. This means that Adam is the image of God’s Knowledge of the Universe, and he possesses the mind that understands the universe. Adam’s mind contains all the frequencies of the Universal species.

If we want to know what Adam is, we can say that he is the Creation of God, who has the knowledge. He was of himself and of his creator and granted the permission and the power to use his knowledge.

The second rule of creation is when Adam uses his own power of creation. He created Eve (Hawwah). The holy Quran describes the birth of Eve in the words, "I took Eve of Adam". Eve is the image of Adam’s inner self. Adam repeated the same process God used in the creation of the universe. God Commanded His own Knowledge to show itself. The command was called "Kun", which means, "Be". When we use the power of "Kun", the whole record of the knowledge is inspired by God. Therefore, Eve is the image of Adam’s "inner self", which makes Eve the other half of Adam.

Adam and Eve make a full unit of a human being. The law of sexual attraction is based upon seeking the other half of oneself. Eve has a direct link with Adam's soul and she receives the same information that is coming in from Adam’s frequency, of mind in which they receive information coming from God. This gives both man and woman an equal right to use this information.

The third rule of creation is the birth of Christ. According to the holy Book, Mary was a virgin. God sent an angel to convey her, the Message from God of which it was obviously unbelievable for her. So she exclaimed, “How can it be possible, as no man has touched me?”.

The angel informed her, what she was thinking was right, but God is the Almighty. He can do whatsoever He Wants. So the angel inspired God’s Command of Christ into the womb of the Virgin Mary, and then, Jesus was born.

In this method of creation, God chose the Virgin Mary for the task He wanted to fulfil. God wanted Jesus to be born into this world, therefore He chose the Virtuous Mary to be inspired by the angel. In this method of creation God tells that angels can do by inspiring, what a man does by touching. Inspiring is a mental exercise which activates the physical system as well.

The angel was carrying the message from God, that Mary is going to have a child whose name will be the "Messiah". The angel inspired the message into Mary. She received the message and believed she was pregnant. This shows her perfect Faith in God.

Notion or thought is a formula of existence. There are two kinds of thoughts coming into our mind. The first information is coming from Heaven. The other we receive from the rays of one another’s mind. The heavenly information is always real and true, whereas the second one is doubtful and uncertain.

The divine law of creation is that everything is in pairs, but the formula of a thing is unique. For example, Adam is the formula of a human being; the pair is of Adam and Eve. According to the law of creation, Adam has an inner body as well as an outer body. The inner body is known as the soul. Soul is the energy of the outer body. Our conscious mind is always connected with our soul, otherwise we die. This connection is called breathing. By inhaling we are connecting with our inner part, which is our soul, and by exhaling we are connecting with our physical world. We are living in these two senses all the time and our body and soul constantly remain in motion. When the connection of the outer world stops, we die. This is not the death of the soul as our inner connection remains as such. The physical body is declared dead by the soul.

The body is like a monitor of the soul and the soul is like a computer. The programme is the knowledge of God, which has been recorded in Adam’s soul. The question arises; what is the Soul? We should keep in mind that God is the only Source of knowledge as he is the Creator of the universe. At this point we have to seek the spiritual relation between God and Soul.

The Holy Quran says: “God is the light of heaven and Earth."

The Bible says, God said, "Let there be light, and there was light."

This light is the Reflection of God, which reflects in the image of the universe. God’s Knowledge was reflected directly on His mirror. The first picture of the Universe is called Soul.
God’s Command "Be" is the cause of being. The Light of God formed the soul. This Light of God contains His own Attributes. In the attributes of God come its abilities. The ability of the soul is called ‘nature’. The soul is working on the Command of God. There are ten zones in which the soul displays its abilities and knowledge. The soul must have a screen (body) to display its knowledge. Nature provides that particular screen, which is Earth. Each zone shows different dimensions of the soul’s display of knowledge. Every dimension is a creation, and the only Creator is God. Soul is merely following His Command of ‘Kun’. Soul, in this physical zone, is of matter and we can only see the movement of the soul. The light is behind a curtain of body. The same principle is working in electricity. The electric current works inside the object, but we only see the movement of the object.

God is the Source of energy for the Universe. The main power station is the soul. All the existing things in the Universe are showing the distribution of energy of soul. God is "Noor" (light), and so is the soul. The energy of the soul is "Noor".

The divine law of creation is that every existing thing in the Universe is based upon light. A certain pre-designed quantity of light is the formula of things. God, the Creator, determines the proportions of His formula. Life and all the senses of life are made up of the light, which is coming through the soul. When the soul stops feeding the body with these lights, we die.

After death the soul leaves the matter body here, but carries on with its work in the next zone, which is the cosmic world. There, the soul finds itself in a totally cosmic environment. There it learns the knowledge of the combination of the Cosmic Ray.

Every zone is a school for the soul, where it learns about the universe, its own place in the universe, and all about the Creator of the universe. The learning mind of the universe is Adam, who has been granted special wisdom amongst all the creatures. Adam, who is a human being, can learn and experience everything that happened after God’s Command, "Kun", provided one has the faith and determination to believe.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)