Series 020 - The Graduation Hat


It was afternoon and I was relaxing. I began to see golden brown drops of syrup in consistency. I tasted the syrup and found it to be delicious and similar to honey. After tasting it, I knew that it was honey from Heaven. My heart began to praise and give thanks to the Creator for this wonderful gift.

As I sat in contentment, a hat was placed on my head. I took the hat off and immediately recognised it from a dream I had three years ago.

In this particular dream, I return to my mother’s home from a far off country. My youngest sister greeted me and informed me that, my mother is dying and that I have come too late. Hastily, I enter my mother’s room. My mother was unconscious and was close to death. I try in vain to wake my mother. With tears in my eyes I beg my mother to wake up to see if I had achieved what she desired. I implore her to open her eyes and look at the hat I was wearing which was my graduation hat. My hat was made entirely of pearls and was of incredible beauty. My mother did not wake up and passed away in my dream.

When I had this dream my mother was actually alive but I decided to visit her. Twelve days after my visit to my mother’s house, she passed away peacefully. She was an incredible spiritual person.

Seeing the same hat from my dream made me realise that the hat represents the gift of knowledge from God.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)