Series 016 - Vision of the past


In my vision I had been told that the Creator wanted to grant some special gift of knowledge to me. My heart trembled what if no one believed me. With that thought I asked God to show me some visions of the past that my elders already knew and of which I knew not. Within no time the film of the past started to display on the screen in my mind.

I was stunned that I had seen my own birth, my elder brothers and sister’s childhood, their school friends and even before that time when my mother was unmarried. The past time was like a film which I was watching in my trance with doing my normal work. I was ordered to write these and post it to my eldest sister.

I wrote lots of incidents with all up to the minute detail to her. I did not even write yet the full knowledge of the past then she stopped me in the middle. She wrote, ‘everybody in the family were concerned to those occasions, is making an evidence of your truth, including my parents. So please stop writing the past time information now and tell us about the special knowledge Allah gave to you.’

I used to write all my visions and the excursions of the unseen world to my sister. In those days my husband used to work at night. One night when he was at work, I tried to write the vision I saw that day to my sister but all my four children were awake, the youngest one hardly a year old.  He wanted to sleep with me and the other children they all wanted me to pay attention on them. When I started to write they all began to bother me. A thought came to my mind, switch off the light and go to sleep. Write the letter in the morning when the children were asleep. I did not pay attention to that thought and shouted on the children to stop it and go to sleep and don’t bother me.

Then I kept carrying on writing. Then the youngest one started to cry and my mind repeated that thought again but I wanted to write. I could hardly manage to write a few lines in the entire disturbance by the children. My mind was telling me again and again to put this task for tomorrow morning but I was not listening and instead felt the urge to do it more.

All of a sudden the light bulb fused with a very loud bang and it was shattered in pieces. At the same time I heard a threaten sound very clearly in my mind, “Did we not tell you to switch off the light and put the children into bed and do the writing in the morning. Why don’t you listen to your conscious? Why can’t you recognise the Divine sound within you?”
I could not tell myself how much I was terrified and so were the children and on top of that the darkness was making the room haunted as well. I hid myself in the quilt and clutched all my four children with me. They were also freighted and did not make a sound. Next when I came to my sense, I beg for forgiveness to God as I was a learner. And then we all soon fell asleep under the quilt of the Divine mercy.

Oh yes, of course I did finished my writing in the morning as it was the will of God.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)