Series 015 - Soul, Body and Mind


According to the holy books and the knowledge based upon the Divine revelations, there is no coincidence in the universe. Everything is working with the Will of God. The law of nature is based upon the Will of God.

The Divine Will, as ‘Amar’. Amar is the creative power of God. This creative power of God is the mind of the universe, which is the mind of the point of unity (nuquta – e-wandani).

 Everything that exists has a connection with the point of unity at the place of the nape of the neck. This point is the called nuquta-e-ubhat.

The point of unity is the provision of the Divine lights, which has the intense power of energy. This Divine light is the base of the universe. Everything in the universe has been connected with the point of unity at the place of nuquta-e- ubhat. The light or the energy flows into the body from this point.

Each cell of light contains a vast amount of knowledge of the universe. Humans have been granted the knowledge of the universe and the knowledge of the attributes of the Divine Being. This knowledge is a Divine treasure and the point of unity is the provision of that Divine knowledge. The knowledge is light and the light is energy.

Energy is life, which is constantly flowing in the soul mind and body, through our chakras. These are the centre points of the soul. The soul absorbs the Divine energy from the point of unity on these points, and descends into the cosmic body.

The cosmic body is controlling the physical body. The energy of soul flows into the physical through the cosmic body. The main connection is between the cosmic body and the physical body is on the point of nuquta-e-ubhat, which is on the back of our head.

Through this connection our conscious gets connected to the existence in this world, and unseen world also by absorbance of the information of the cosmic body. The cosmic body is an electrical body. The information of the cosmic body is an electrical node and our consciousness puts meaning to it and our senses perceive it in this manner.

  • Nuquta – e – ubhat = main connection = spark (descend into)
  • Crown chakra (akhfa) = flash (in every twenty three seconds)
  • Third eye (khafi) = duration of flash
  • Throat chakra (sirri) = formation of knowledge (starting point)
  • Soul chakra (rooh) = formed knowledge with intellect and senses.
  • Heart chakra (qalb) = hologram of knowledge.
  • Navel chakra (nafs) manifestation of knowledge

Mankind has been granted the knowledge and the will power to perceive the Divine knowledge through the consciousness and make this knowledge visible.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)