Series 014 - Self Disclosure


Almost every sensible person has the curiosity of wanting to know himself. At some point he will question himself:

"What am I?
Where did I come from?
What is to happen to me in the life hereafter?"

It is the inner conscious and inquisitiveness of a person that introduces him to The Almighty, the Creator, and one has to travel through his own inner soul to achieve that goal. There is a prophetic saying:

"He, who has recognition of himself, can recognise The Creator".

This in fact means that the human conscious can lead a person to 'Oneness', and it is a person's self-curiosity, which opens the window of such thought in the human mind.

Whenever a thought of being of a thing appears in our mind, it automatically tells us about the creator of that thing. Similarly, when attention is paid to self-existence, the mind becomes attentive to The Creator.

Every single thing is descended from God and is bound to return back, as in a circular system. The depth of this verse creates unlimited dimensions for a thinker, in a meaningful way.

This matter world is limited and therefore, conscious senses also work within limitation. On the other hand, the invisible world (Ghaib) is without limitation; therefore the senses, which operate in it, are also unlimited. The
Universe and its beings are limited, and ultimately, only Almighty God is unlimited.

The actual source of every being is the Eminent Creator, God.
The Holy verses of God contain within them hidden treasures and wisdom. All the prophets accomplished in their lives, because they adopted the laws of nature and as part of their life.

Their way of thought was based on this principle: that at the source of every being is Almighty God. Therefore, their way of thought was such that, each of their actions was diverted towards the Creator.

"Everything comes from God, and God is unlimited".

According to this saying, whenever a thought appears in the mind, the person immediately and automatically diverts his attention to the Creator. And so in return the light of the thought starts getting energy from the unlimited zone.

Every movement of the body and mind requires energy. Once we get connected with the unlimited zone, the sub-conscious senses become activated. These senses operate in the zone, which is free from time and space.

In the unlimited zone God's command acts directly, and so therefore, every move of a person becomes a move of God's command in the light of God or Will.

This movement begins from ‘Kun’ (Be) command and then bounces back to The Almighty's Divine light. Similarly, in accordance with this principle of law of nature, when we search for the reality of our self existence by stepping into the above mentioned zone, as per saying, the person's existence then seems to be a part of 'Oneness'.

By digging deep in mystic knowledge it becomes apparent that The Almighty's entity (Zaat) and his Oneness are the two sides of mystic knowledge. The
Entity (Zaat) is such a side, which is far beyond the understanding and capabilities of the human conscious. It can never be traced or visualised by any conscious senses of mankind or any other creature in the whole Universe.

However, human beings are honoured with mystic knowledge, with the inclusion of knowledge of God's entity (Zaat). 'Oneness' is the reflection of Entity (Zaat). It is in the zone of Entity, filled with Divine light, in which God is veiled with these Divine lights, and no ones mind in the whole of creation is able to penetrate this zone.

In the zone of Entity there are the Creator’s Attributes, which become the medium for introduction. The Divine light zone is unlimited. Each light of this zone contains contemplation (Tafakkur) of the Attributes of Oneness.

Almighty God awards this reflection to the knowledge of the Divine lights.

Each Divine light of Oneness is the Divine light of the Almighty's Universal Knowledge, which is self-knowledge of God. This knowledge existed even before the creation of man, which contains all The Almighty's Wisdom, Will and pleasures in the shape of the Divine light. This zone is free from time and space. With God's intention to create the Universe, the Divine lights of universal knowledge descended on the Book of Life (Loh-E-Mehfooz) in the shape of God's reflection.

Each picture on the Book of Life is a species of the Universe. Book of Life is in the world of brilliant light (Noor). Layer upon layer, every particle of this world is brilliant light. Each illuminating particle is one species and then layer upon layer the illuminations are a generation of this species. The Entity knowledge is the mystic knowledge of such one illuminated particle. In other words it is the knowledge of all the species. This means that, upon reflection, each picture on the Book of Life is in fact a combination of countless pictures.

From the Book of Life, this reflection of Light keeps descending upon the Universe to demonstrate its perfection and knowledge on various planets and species.

These Divine light reflections are the spirits of universal creatures, which activate on the command ‘Be’. Every Divine light of the Book of Life contains various formulae of species in the Universe, which means that each picture of the Book of Life is the picture of its species Adam. Human existence is the reflection of Adam.

Adam is the first face of the human race, which was made apparent on the Book of Life with the command ‘Be’. The generation of Adam is the whole of Mankind.

Before the command ‘Be’, Adam existed in God's Mind or Knowledge, which means that he was part of the Divine light Entity. Same as a father holds the genes of his generation, long before their birth; until these genes take the shape of a son or daughter and be born into this world: it remains as part of the father.

In the zone of the Divine light Entity, the whole Universe is God's Self Knowledge; where the Universe itself is indescribable. When the Creator wished to demonstrate it on The Book of Life (Loh-E-Mehfooz), it was at that time describable, and its knowledge became apparent.   

In the beginning all universal formulae came into being. These formulae are called species. For example Adam is a formula for a human being, and is a representative of its generation. From the beginning until the end, all the human beings will be created according to this formula. Similarly all other species of the Universe came into being with formulae of The Book of Life.

When a person questions his existence: where he came from? Where will he go after death? - Then the knowledge of his self-existence makes him move towards the formulae of the species.

In the depth of the innermost subconscious senses, a person can trace that particular Divine light which belongs to the Creator. At that moment it is revealed to the person that in the depth of innermost sub-conscious, the point from where the Entity's conscious is being transferred to a person is the Divine light of the Creator. The conscious of individuality is the reflection of Oneness, which is being transferred to the point of the Divine light Entity.

When this reflection shifts to the conscious, it then divides into two parts or sides. In one side there is the reflection of Oneness as the Creator Himself; in the other side is the individual's reflection of the Divine light from the Entity point.

When we contemplate he introduces individuality into the conscious. The individual's thought is fed by the spirit (Rooh) itself or by brilliant light (Noor). These lights pass through universal space and then enter into the conscious; therefore, the density of space mixes into these lights. For this reason the individual conscious becomes limited.

Due to inclusion of this impurity, the conscious sight does not work in the depth of the inner soul: therefore, reality remains hidden from our sight.

The other part of individual thought is itself a Divine light, which is the reflection of Almighty Allah. The conscious Divine light is the conscious of Oneness. There is no change in God's Entity and Attributes. Sub-conscious senses are the senses of a Noor, which work in the unlimited zone. When human conscious searches in the depth of its innermost soul, it passes through the path of the sub-conscious.

On this path, there are layer upon layer of Divine lights in the shape of light. The conscious point keeps on passing through these layers of light. The brilliant light reaches this world after passing through these four stages: Noor, cosmic rays, light and material light. The conscious point is in fact senses of material lights. This point lifts upwards when it travels on the sub-conscious way, which means that by gradually developing step by step, the senses of conscious change from matter senses into the senses of light, Noor and Divine light.

When the senses reach the surface of Divine light, the senses of Oneness then overcome all of the human senses; and it then comes in the person's vision that there is nothing in the whole of Universe other than Allah, and there is neither a concept of any other existence. Individual conscious is like a drop from an ocean of Oneness.

The drop (individual conscious) receives its conscious from the ocean (Oneness). In the ocean, the entity conscious is already there as the Almighty God Himself. So when a person drifts its individual conscious from limitation to the unlimited zone, or travels to the extensions of subconscious, he then achieves the knowledge of the invisible (Ghaib) senses; and he in fact recognises the reality of his self-existence or Entity of Divine light.

Therefore, as soon as he faces the Divine Light, the person knowledgeable of these facts, becomes aware that there is no existence of anything in this Universe except Allah and from The Almighty alone the whole creation of the Universe are receiving individual conscious.

The Universe is related to The Almighty, the Creator. Without The Creator there can never be the existence of creation. The creatures can only recognise The Creator when they deny their self-existence, and that is the first principle of mystic knowledge. When a person empties his mind from the thought of his existence, the Divine Light of the Almighty can then descend onto the 'clean slate' of the human mind.

The reflection of the Entity is not provoked until the mind is clear from any of its thoughts. It is therefore important to know yourself first to achieve mystic knowledge.
A human's existence is not just in material form, but within the actual function of the spirit (Rooh). A person could recognise The Almighty Creator by only having knowledge of spirit (Rooh) and being aware of the demands of the Rooh. So, you need know yourself, to know God.

May God bless us with understanding of this message and give us guidance to act upon it.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)