Series 013 - The Four Zones (Part 2)


The four zones that have been mentioned in part 1 will be discussed in a little more detail.

Zone (1) - Material world

This is the zone upon which we are all currently living in. All the souls have adopted a 'dress' or a 'body' for identification, which is composed of matter. The Lord God has used the term 'earth' to describe matter.

The senses that are formed from matter are 'solid' in nature. These senses feel and perceive everything in a solid and a firm manner.

The actual human being is the 'soul'. On this zone the soul covers itself by a material dress. The formation of this material body is physical in nature, and it is for this reason that this zone is also known as the creation zone. However, by wearing the material dress, the senses of the soul become suppressed. The senses of the soul are the senses of the illuminations of the Attributes of God.

The Lord God has termed these particular senses as the 'Senses of light. It is for this very reason that the lord God has described himself as the ‘light of the heavens and the earth'. That is to say, everything that exists between the heaven and the earth is a form of the light of God.

The material senses form a case or a shell over the soul. For example 'Spectacles' cover the human eyes such that the vision of the soul perceives everything in a rigid manner. It is for this reason that the senses and the thoughts of the soul become covered by material senses, and the soul starts to deviate from its reality.

The Creator has devised a means for providing for the needs of his creation; he did not create something and then forgot. He is providing and caring for his creation in every respect at all times. In order for mankind to keep in touch with reality, the Lord God has set up a system of education.

This system started off with the prophets and is being maintained today by the descendants and disciples of the prophets.

The Lord God has stated that His light operates within everything that exists within the heavens and the earth. From this saying we can conclude that the Lord
God's Light operates within the inner being of anything that is formed from matter.

According to the laws of creation, everything that exists within the Universe has two sides to it. One side is the outer visible side and the other side is the hidden side, upon which the visible side is set, and is the zone of lights.

These are the lights that step down one level and adopt a firm or solid appearance. This zone of the material lights is termed as the zone of 'AURA'. Within this zone of lights the soul functions together with its body of Aura. The body of the Aura is that body which we observe whilst we are dreaming. The zone of dreams is the next zone in which we will consciously enter into, after death occurs in this present zone.

This means that the senses by which we experience everything during a dream on this zone will become the senses of the state of wakefulness on the next zone. Our material senses will become covered by the senses of this zone and so our soul will discard the material 'spectacles' and will adopt the 'spectacles' that will enable it to perceive the world of lights.

The whole life purpose of the soul is to learn the knowledge of the Attributes of God.

On the present zone the soul spends time learning the worldly knowledge that is associated with matter. Knowledge is a quality or an Attribute of God. The Lord God in His Nature and Attributes is Light) and illumination. Apart from knowledge there is nothing else other than Light.

With the material body, the soul absorbs the light of the worldly or matter-based knowledge, and after death on this earth, it witnesses the lights that operate within the inner side of matter.

All the knowledge associated with the zone is also called the zone of motion or action. Thus the knowledge is concerned with the visible functions of the soul. And in this world, because the soul displays itself with the material body of matter, the laws and rules are also concerned with the visible body.

However, it must be taken into consideration that the visible body of matter is actually based upon the body of Nasma, which is made up of lights. And so the guidance is that mankind should not only act upon the commands of these Laws but also search for the wisdom and the knowledge within the commands.

By acting upon the commands , the soul can function accordingly and absorb the light of the Commands of the Lord God. The absorption of the light of the Lord's Commands is extremely important because on the day of Judgement it is the lights contained within the soul that will be weighed.

This is because the Light itself is knowledge, and all of life, and all of the aspects and the motions of life are a result of the knowledge of the Attributes of God that are within the soul.

The soul itself has been created from the Light of the knowledge of the Attributes of God. Therefore, all the motions and actions that take place in the life of man are a result of the soul absorbing the light within itself.

The lights that are accumulated within the soul produce the senses of man. By the motion of every action, the Aura of the soul stores lights in fixed quantities and these lights form the senses of the Aura.

The Aura has a firm communication with the material body and at the same time it also has a firm communication with the soul. So on the one hand the Aura absorbs the quantities of light that are the waves of light responsible for the material or physical motions. These lights only produce the senses for the visible motions and actions. On the other hand the Aura absorbs the lights of the soul that are the lights of the Will of God (Amar-e-Rabi). These lights produce intelligence.

It is stated that:
"Fear the perception of a true believer, for he sees through the Light of the Lord God."

The lights of Amar-e-Rabi (the Will of God) cause the conscious of the soul that is in the Aura to awaken, and so that particular individual establishes a communication with his soul.

If the Laws and Rules is acted upon with a sincere intention and the worldly action is carried out with the good intention from the heart, then this results in the development of the conscious of the Aura.

The development of the conscious of the Aura can be thought of in comparison to the development of a foetus in the womb of a mother. All the actions and the behaviours that come about from Laws and Rules have a direct affect on the Aura.

After death on this earth, the Aura is born on the zone of Dream world. In the same way in which whatever the mother eats during pregnancy has a direct affect on the development of the body of the child inside her; in exactly the same way our actions and deeds on earth affect the body of the Aura.

If our mind, behaviour and the actions are positive, then this results in the healthy development of the Aura. A negative mind, behaviour and negative actions lead to an unhealthy development of the Aura.

Therefore the actions of the material body and the conscious play a direct part in the well being of the Aura. In the same way when a child is born healthy on earth, then during his lifetime he remains healthy and his mental abilities too remain very high; whereas if the child is unhealthy at birth, then this has a lasting affect throughout his life. Depending upon our actions on this earth, the body of the Aura will be affected in exactly the same way when it is born in Dream world.

For those who follow the rules and laws of the Lord God, these regulations form the foundation for future development. The stronger the foundation is, the stronger the future developments become. By learning, understanding and acting upon the teachings of all the zones, the path to the Creator then starts to open and the Lord God's Abilities and Miracles start to unveil.

Zone (2) - Of Angels

This is the zone of the Angels. The entire Universe is in one form or the other a reflection of the Thoughts and the Knowledge of the Lord God. This knowledge is a Creative Attribute of the Lord God. The formation of the Universe is a result of the thoughts and the consideration of the Universe.

There are three main types of creations that have resulted from the thoughts and considerations of God which operate within the Universe. These are:

  1. Angels
  2. Human Beings
  3. Jinn


The knowledge of the three creations is being absorbed by each other; that is to say, the lights of the knowledge of each of the three creators are colliding with one another.

When the lights of the knowledge mix with one another in certain quantities, then different creators within the Universe come into being.

The job of the Angels is to inspire the lights of the 'Will of God' within the human beings. When an individual acts upon the teachings of the Prophets, taught mankind to do so, then the thoughts and the considerations of the Prophets awakens from within that individual, and his minds start to think in the same way as that of the prophets.

The Prophets have a direct relationship with the Angels, and if an individual learns to think along the same lines as the Prophets, he too develops a link with the zone of the Angels. And so that individual begins to understand for himself what the Lord God desires from him.

There are two paths to the zone of Angels. One path is towards the zone of material world and the other is in the direction of the zone of the Attributes of the Lord God

However, once an individual has established a link with the zone of Angels, he starts to absorb the lights of the Angels. Since the Angels have a direct link with the Attributes of the Lord God, the individual witnesses the attributes of Angels, by absorbing their lights. And now step-by-step the lights of the Attributes of the Lord God begin to transfer in him and that individual starts to become the medium for the Attributes of the Lord.

It is for this situation which, the Lord God has stated:
"I become the hands of my person, by which he grasps, and I become the eyes of my person, by which he sees".

The Attributes of God that are within every creature of the Universe and man can perceive the Attributes of God at every point of the Universe.

Zone (3) - The Book of Life

When the lights of the Angels become the senses of man; the lights of the Attributes of the Lord God start to shower upon him. For the individual who chooses to live a life of kindness and humane purposes, gives thought and consideration to the Attributes of  the Lord God; he soon discovers that everything that is in motion including the planets, stars, earth, sun, moons and all the galaxies, are being maintained by the light and the illuminations of the Attributes of God.

He starts to discover the laws and the methods by which the Lord God operates the whole system of the Universe. This individual learns that every feature of the Universe has come Into being upon specific quantities of the lights of the Attributes of the Lord God.

The zone of the Book of Life is the zone of the preserved scripture. The knowledge of the preserved scripture and the formulae for the creation of the Universe are being revealed on this zone.

Zone (4) - Reality or the illumination of the Lord God

This is the zone of reality or illumination of the Lord God. Through the knowledge of the abilities and attributes an individual can step foot in the circle of the nature of the revelation. Once inside this zone, the individual conscious becomes lost in the Lord God's knowledge of perception and illumination.

This is that zone upon which the thoughts and conceptions of man get lost in the infinite solitude. It is the zone for which the Lord God has stated:
"When there was nothing, there was God, and when there will be nothing else left, only the lord God will remain."

At this point all the dimensions of the Universe become lost in the illumination. In the same way that the light from the sun engulfs the light from the stars and the moon in the same way at this point the Lord God's illumination makes the light from the Earth disappear in it's illumination.

And so those who live life in peace, harmony and with kindness towards others finally find their destination in true reality. Those individuals now find that particular reality for where is one Individual, the other is the Lord God.

They fully understand that the basis of the entire Universe is set by the illumination of the Lord Creator.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)