Series 012 - The Path (Part 1)


"The lord God created man, based upon his own form".

However, the term 'form' in this context implies the 'mind' or the 'heart'. It is that mind by which the lord God fashioned and created the entire Universe.
The Lord God has transferred this mind fully inside every person, and this is that particular knowledge which has been referred to as the 'knowledge of the Attributes of God'.

The knowledge of the Attributes of God is in turn the 'knowledge of creation'.
The Lord God Himself does not have any visible features or form. He is a never ending ocean-like spread of Light (noor) that does not have a physical figure, appearance, shape or form.

However, this Great Existence of Light displays Himself by His Nature and Virtues such that His Magnificence and Singularity appears in every single point of the Universe and even in the remotest aspect of life. Therefore, without a doubt it is this Splendid, Unique Entity that is the Sole Creator.

The Lord God is closer to each of His creatures, than a creature's own cells and elements, which make up that creature. And so for His recognition, God has granted man a set of extraordinary senses which when utilised, enable man to recognise God and become closer to God than his own jugular vein is to him.

And once man has established recognition and has developed a nearness to God, the laws governing the formation of the Universe begin to unveil for him. He then begins to understand the knowledge of creation, by which the Lord God brought the whole Universe into existence.

In truth it is the mutual intention of the minds that brings man and God close to each other. The mutual intention comes into being by means of sharing the same habits, behaviours, and virtues. When the two minds become one, (that is to say the thought processes between God and man become the same) then, a non-destructible subconscious forms in between them. lt is for this reason that when God appointed man to be his representative, He also granted him the knowledge of the Universe, along with the knowledge of His Nature and His Attributes.

This knowledge was granted to man so that he would govern the Universe by using the same thought processes as the Creator, and also so that man would make correct use of the authority that the Lord God has given him.

The lord God states:
"I have made the entire Universe for the benefit of (Adam) mankind."
This means that man can bring anything that exists within the Universe to his possession by using his intention and free will. He has this full authority from the Creator.

 However, man must bear in mind that by making correct or positive use of something will bring him great benefits and advantages. On the other hand the incorrect or negative use will bring him hardship and he will have to suffer its consequences. Therefore, it is of great importance that man learns and understands the laws and procedures for creation.

The Universe is the land of the Lord God and the laws that govern it are the laws based upon the Attributes of God. The King of the land is the Lord God, and the King's appointed trustee is man.

So knowing and understanding the laws set out by the King hold great significance for the trustee. This significance is so great that there may be no other alternatives available. Hence, the trustee must understand the laws of government otherwise he will not be able to carry out the duties set by the King.

The lord God states:
"We have given one being superiority over another being"
The Lord God's Nature is that of a Sincere and Fair Ruler, and so on the basis of these words, one man has superiority over another only by having greater knowledge. That is why the status of the prophets is greater than that of ordinary people.

The prophets were educated and granted knowledge directly by the Lord God; therefore, they were fully equipped with the knowledge of the Attributes of God. God's laws of nature, miracles, illumination and manifestation, is all expressions of the Attributes of God. The whole Universe is firmly established by one well thought out and arranged system of manifestation based upon the Attributes of God.

The rules and regulations of manifestation are known as the Laws of the Attributes (Sunat-e-Eiahiya). From the remotest beginning (eternity) to the remotest ending (affinity), these regulations will not undergo any form of variation or change. The rules of Law of Attributes are functioning in every point of the Universe by transforming into forms of creation.

This creation process has been taking place from eternity and will continue until affinity.
The human senses and conscious segregates or divides the ring of eternity to affinity into four stages or zones. These are;

Zone (1) - Material World
Zone (2) - The Angels
Zone (3) - The Book of Life
Zone (4) - Reality

Zone (1) is the current zone upon which we are residing. It is the zone of matter upon which our material life is based.
The laws and rules that govern and maintain activities between the zone (1) and the zone (2) and between the zones (2) and (3), (3) and (4) are all knowledge of creation, and these form the complete circle of the teachings and the instructions to man.

In truth an individual can claim to be superior to all the other creatures, and become the assistant of God only when that individual has learned and has become fluent with the knowledge of all zones.

The Lord God has praised Adam (mankind) within the limits of the title of 'Assistant of God' with the following words:

"That we have appointed Adam to be the deputy and assistant on Earth, and we have granted Adam the complete knowledge of the Attributes."

So by these words, the only individuals who can be appointed directly to be his assistants of God, are the ones who are fluent with the three forms of knowledge that make up the knowledge of creation.

The knowledge of creation has been granted to Adam (mankind) directly from God. In order to have familiarity and have direct communication with God, it is vitally important that the individual learns and understands the three forms of knowledge.

To learn and understand knowledge implies that man absorbs the lights of knowledge in his conscious mind. When the lights of knowledge are absorbed, they begin to form senses within the conscious mind.
The Lord God's nature is that of Reality zone (4).

Man cannot enter the circle of Reality until he has transferred the lights of zone (2) and zone (3) into his conscious mind and so as a result until the illuminations of Reality have been transferred in his conscious mind, he cannot understand and become familiar with Reality or zone (4).

Man's situation can be thought of in comparison to a container. The container will hold and display the contents of whatever it is filled with, and so until the conscious mind contains the lights of reality, it will not recognise it. The fact is that only reality can recognise reality.

Man is simply a veil or a curtain so that the conditions of man and than can be fulfilled, since for recognition the existence of you and I are necessary.

The human conscious recognises this reality in a step by step process.

The conscious can be thought of in comparison to that of a small Child who begins the learning process; starting with the alphabet and then stage-by-stage the child completes the chosen field of knowledge. Thus the conscious of the child starts unfolding from a point and spreads, forming a circle.

 In the same way a human conquers the spiritual path stage-by stage, and like the child he starts off by learning the alphabet.
In terms of spiritualism the alphabet or the starting point is humanity, kindness and fairness towards mankind and every creature of God.

These rules and laws teach mankind to become sincere and develop humanity and a good relationship with each other; by understanding and living by these rules, all the negative aspects within the conscious slowly diminish.

As a result man becomes content with the Lord God, and so, with respect and obedience he carries out the duties set by Him. All the rules and laws of zone (1) and (2) are associated with the visible or the material life of man. These are set so that man can fulfil the duties of the material life and at the same time live life in peace and harmony and in content with the Lord God.

The knowledge of zone (2) and (3) is an explanation and the definition of the following words of God:
“God is the light of the Heavens and the Earth"
The foundation upon which the visible form and features of the whole Universe is based on is light.

What is light?
What is the actual source of light?

Once man passes through stage of the Attributes of light, and gives consideration to the nature of the light, he then recognises and understands the actual reality of Light. He recognises the features and forms of the Universe, which the Light is revealing.

By giving deep thought and consideration to the nature of light, the Nature of the Lord God then also becomes apparent.

The human mind learns that the Lord God is even more pure and greater than the Light, and that this Light itself is a miraculous wonder of this astonishing Being. The reflected images of the Light are the forms and the features of the Universe.

The Lord God himself is behind the curtain of his own Light. The human eye cannot by any means see past this curtain of Light.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)