Series 011 - Knowledge of Letters


What are letters?

Letters are the expression of knowledge in the same way as the expression of the soul is the body. The soul and body are two parts of one being. Similarly, knowledge and letters are two parts of one thing. The inner side of everything is the foundation upon which the external side stands. The inner side is connected to the unseen reality.

All holy books and prophets revealed that everything is coming from the unseen and entering into our conscious. When the brain absorbs the light of knowledge, it becomes a thought. The thought changes into sensations.
Sensations express the incoming light in two ways. One way is the internal expression and the other way is external expression.

The internal side consists of emotions and feelings while the external side is made of physical expression and movements. This means that both the internal and external movements are caused by knowledge. The application of knowledge on human conscious is in the following levels; Revelation, perception, thought, imagination and action.

The human conscious or the sight of the soul perceives the knowledge in one of the above levels and puts the meaning accordingly.

The highest limit of the human conscious is correlation with the Divine Being. There are forty levels of correlation with the Divine Being. It was between these forty levels through which the conscious of the prophets understood the knowledge of the Creator. The Divine knowledge is being distributed in the universe due to the correlation of the prophets.

The sight of the soul witnesses the knowledge of God. Witnessing is about understanding and putting a meaning to what is being witnessed. Sight has a conscious. One aspect of sight is light and the other aspect of sight is thought. The nature of light is its ability to surround and thought is the agency that puts meaning to it.

As soon as the light of the vision envelops an object the thought is activated. The joint movement of the sight and thought assess the knowledge of the object from many angles.

When the sight of the soul observes the knowledge of God from all angles, then its vision can perceive both inner and outer aspects of the knowledge.

The depth of the Divine Knowledge, are forms of light. The visible dimension of those forms is letters.

The reality of the revelation on the prophets is that their sight witnessed the Divine Knowledge in different levels and their thought put the meaning to what they witnessed simultaneously. This kind of witnessing is called revelation. God selects a person and shows him what He desires.

That selected person only sees what God wants him to see. The sight of the prophets could witness the Divine Knowledge directly. The prophetic way of witnessing reality has been suspended.
The human race perceives the Divine Knowledge through the mind of their prophets.
The Creator has divided His creation into nations that express Divine Attributes. Every species (animal, bird and other creations) has been granted a programme of worship. This specific programme is called Tasbeeh and also used in other faiths and known as rosary beads or komboloi (repetitive utterances of short sentences glorifying God). One species is not aware of other species Tasbeeh;

It is written in the Holy Books;
"The seven Heavens and the Earth and those in it declare His Glory. And there is not a single thing but glorifies Him with His praise, but you do not understand their glorification. Surely He is Forbearing, Forgiving".

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)