Series 010 - Principles of Healing


In order to understand healing, it is necessary to understand disease. A perfect body is healthy. In other words it is balanced. Disease is when the balance of the body is disturbed. The imbalance is manifested in physical or emotional symptoms.

The human being is made of body, mind and spirit/soul. The imbalance originates in the mind because the mind links the spirit and the body. The spirit is perfect. It only perceives perfection. It sends down a perfect signal to the mind.

If the climate of the receiving end (mind) is clear, the signal will be understood clearly. On the other hand, if the climate of the mind is congested with too many thoughts and ideas, the message will be misinterpreted. As a result a wrong decision will be made which will cause frustration and anxiety. This state of mind will cause more mistakes. Repeated mistakes will result in feelings of fear and despair.

Life becomes a big problem when physical symptoms start to appear like anxiety, headaches, tight chest, anger and depression. At this stage, if correct treatment is carried out, the physical symptoms can be avoided. The therapist has to determine what is causing the patient to be in that state of mind.

Most of the time, work creates stress on the people. Young mothers and old people also suffer from stress. Modern day diseases are mostly stress related from dyspepsia, ulcers to arthritis and cancer. If stress is not recognised and reduced, it accelerates and becomes a health problem.

Stress is a term, which is widely used in day to day language. If we analyse stress, we can break it down to a number of negative emotions like anger, fear, arrogance, doubt, loneliness, insecurity, anxiety, despair, hatred and many more negative feelings. A person under stress usually gets deeper and deeper into this state of mind because his mind is in a negative mode.

A healthy frame of mind is a happy frame of mind. The will of the person can change the state of mind. Will is that part of the Creator that we call the spirit as the spirit contains the Divine Power.

Will is the energy that brings about changes within a person; as a result the inner self becomes stronger, the external hurdles become insignificant. Fear now changes into courage and depression becomes happiness.

Healing and disease depend upon the state of mind. Negative state of mind reduces immunity and a positive frame of mind increases immunity.

The Cosmic Body (Jism-e-Misali) sends down information to the physical body. The physical body recognises that message as an urge. It responds to this urge by taking action. The result of the action will be felt as an emotion. It will either be a positive emotion like happiness and satisfaction or a negative emotion like anger, guilt or anxiety. Whatever the result, it will be relayed back to the Cosmic body.

The Cosmic body is perfect and only accepts an instant and perfect feedback. When too many negative feelings are relayed to the Cosmic body over a long period of time, its lights get polluted and cause a disease. This is a serious condition as it can result in the manifestation of terminal diseases in some cases.

Positive frame of mind and strong will power are the most essential parts of healing.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)