Series 009 - Chakras


Chakras are the point of universal knowledge (Point of Ubhat) and are;

  • Connecting point of Divine light (Tajalli)
  • Distribution of Light of the Divine being (Tajalli)
  • The conscious of the Divine being is "I AM" (dimensionless)
  • The conscious of I AM is distributed in the chakras

What are Chakras?
Chakras receive the Divine message of I AM in the form of light. Each chakra opens a new dimension of that message.

The Chakras are hold and distribute messages according to the type of souls and these are;

Superior Soul:

  • Crown chakra (AKHF A); a photon of light that contains universal language.
  • The third eye (KHAFI); can perceive the information in a flash.

Human Soul:

  • Throat chakra (SIRRI); formation of dimension like the negatives of photon.
  • Soul chakra (ROOID); perceives the information in the negative.

Animal Soul:

  • Heart chakra (QALBI); is the point of decision making or conscious or zone of emotions.  Emotions are formed by the inner perceptions of incoming light. Each emotion is a combination of specific light in different quantities, e.g. happiness, sorrow, anger, fear, etc. (colour therapy starts here).
  • Navel chakra; the display of emotions by the physical body


A Superior soul has all the chakras activated and receives messages from all of the chakras. However, a human soul has the Throat, Soul, Heart and Navel chakras open.

A human soul has to raise its vibrations by meditation, contemplation and prayer to get to the level of a Superior soul.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)