Series 008 - Divine Attributes and Colours


The foundation of existence is the Attributes of God (Isma-e-Ilahia). The soul is the manifestation of the Divine Attributes.

There are eleven thousand Divine Attributes. Each Attribute contains a specific force that determines its nature, for example the Attribute Baseer (All Seeing) is a force that has the power to create the system of sight in the whole Universe; that is the purpose of Baseer.

The force of Baseer is aware of its power and purpose. It will only create sight, not hearing because hearing is the task of the Attribute Sami (All Hearing). Each Attribute works according to its nature and purpose. The Attributes work in harmony with one another but do not perform the task of other Attributes.

The force of Divine Attributes is the fuel of the Jism-e-Misali (Cosmic body) When the Cosmic body absorbs the Divine Attributes, it perceives them in the form of different colours and shades. Colour determines the force of light.
Colour is a coded message. The Cosmic body understands the messages and takes action accordingly.

The colour message transfers to the physical body and the brain cells recognise the colour, and then take action according to the message of the colour.

The Attribute is a force that contains a message in the form of colour. The colour touches a surface (brain cells) and then absorbs it. The force of colour will create an electrical energy and chemicals (hormones). The hormones know their task and will carry the Divine message to the correct organ.

Colour messages are easy to understand when we take the example of traffic lights. Red means stop, red and amber means get ready to move, green light means move and amber means get ready to stop. The traffic lights do not give a verbal command yet millions of people throughout the world carries out the command of these lights.

The Cosmic body understands the message of the Lights of the Divine Attributes in the same way as we understand the message of the traffic lights.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)