Series 007 - Spiritual Diseases


Disease is the imbalance of mental or a physical state.

Life is a constant motion; therefore, a constant flow is necessary to maintain balance and harmony. Any kind of blockage in the flow creates an imbalance.

The energy that keeps all human functions moving is called the Soul, which is Divine light (Amar), which contains all information about life.

Amar descends upon the brain in the form of light. The brain decodes the incoming message as a need or an urge. The conscious puts a meaning to the need and takes action for fulfilment; for example, the information of thirst descends upon the brain. The brain produces chemicals that dry the throat area. The conscious becomes aware of thirst, and physically fulfils the need by drinking water, or any other drink. The choice of fulfilment is unlimited. Choosing the correct drink, according to the incoming information is what determines the balance of mind and body.

According to spirituality, circles of light, called Jism-e-Misali (Cosmic body), surrounds every human and other body. In western terms, the word aura is used.

The intense light of the Force of Tasheed (Life force) hits the veil of the visible Universe (Nasoot). The beam of Tasheed disperses into rays. Each ray becomes a visible body like planet, moon, rock etc. Ripples or circles of light surround each body. The number of the ripples of light determines the intensity of the ray of Tasheed. As we mentioned earlier, the light of Tasheed contains the information of life. The more light ripples there are around the body, the higher the conscious the body possesses.

As the Force of Tasheed enters Nasoot (material world or matter), it settles on one point, and forms circles of light around itself. The circles of light are made of different colours. Colours are force and ability.

The outer most ripples of light form a body. Therefore, all colours and abilities are concealed within the body. The aura is a reflection of inner ripples of light. Every visible body in the Universe, e.g., planet, mountain, tree, animal, bird, human being, are all made in the same way. The only difference is the quantity of the circles of light.

All other bodies have an automatic system of receiving the Divine light, and responding to its information. Only the humans and Jinn’s use their own ‘will’, to respond to the incoming information.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)