Series 006 - The Visible Universe (NASMA ZONE)


The visible universe is filled with waves of Nasma. It is a transparent hollow, tube-like wave that moves like water. It is capable of absorbing colours of incoming light. When the light (of Tasheed) enters this zone, its colours are dispersed and absorbed by the waves of Nasma. The circles of light, mentioned above, are body and conscious of the Nasma body. Another name for this body is Jism-e-Misali (the cosmic body), the body we see in our dreams.

Every need and desire originates in the Jism-e-Misali. It sends a colour coded message to the physical body. The mind decodes the incoming information. The physical body feels the same desire. The person consciously understands the desire and takes action to fulfil it. This completes the circle of command, acknowledgement and action. If there is no delay in receiving the command and taking action, then the flow is constant.

Delay in understanding the incoming message will result in accumulation of colours in the Nasma body. This will cause pressure in the Nasma body. Only the physical body is capable of fulfilling the needs because the self-ego is placed in it, therefore, it is capable of experiencing different sensations.

Disease sets in when there is a blockage in the above system. The incoming light contains a command. The mind decodes it wrongly. The body takes a wrong action. Until the right action is taken, the Jism-e-Misali will continue to send the specific colour.

Too much of one colour results in frustration, anger and impatience; another way in which blockage can occur is when the incoming information is received but the person delays the action for a long period.

This can result in loosing opportunities and the person feels remorseful and depressed. Imbalance of colours reflects on the physical body firstly as moods. At this stage they are classed as spiritual disease and can be cured without drugs.

Many years of this imbalance can result in a physical disease.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)