Series 005 - The Aura


There are two types of movement in the Aura. One is the ego of the soul, which is the reflection of oneself.  This movement pulls the soul towards oneself and the other movement is the reflection of the cosmic body itself, which is the ego of Aura.

One side of the Aura is the time factor, and the other side is the space factor. When they both enter the material world from the cosmic world, they are sheathed with the cover of sensations. Sensations are those lights called Nasma. Nasma is the name for movement.

From the cosmic world to the material world this movement is the time, which is one side. In the material world this movement changes into space, which is dual movement. Aura is Nasma's body. This body has two sides. One side comes into existence through Nasma's single movement, i.e. the time factor. The second side is Nasma's dual movement, i.e. the space factor.

The first side is the Jinn, and the other is man. As God has created everything in pairs. Every body comprises of two sides. The material body's other side is the soul. The soul’s connection is directly maintained with the Aura. The soul absorbs the lights of knowledge from God's Attributes and sends them to the Aura, and the Aura passes them onto man's body, where they are seen in the form of movements or actions. Every reflection of the soul is spiritual. God has linked soul to Himself.

It is written……..
"So when I have fashioned him and breathed into him My Spirit, then you fall down prostrate to him."

The soul in Adam's body is the light of God's Names, because God has attributed the knowledge of the soul to Himself. God's Being is pure from all deformities. Therefore the soul that He Blew into the body will also certainly be pure and sacred.

This reflection of sacredness is the reflection of Angels. Lights of the Universe descend from the Loh-e-Mehfooz to the material world. Man's cosmic body absorbs these lights in the cosmic world (reflection of Jinn and man is working in the cosmic body).

Reflection of Jinn is Satanism or corruption. Reflection of man is that of forgetfulness or emptiness. Every light from Loh-e-Mehfooz contains the reflection of the soul. That is to say that any light of knowledge which comes to the cosmic world is nothing but good because it's the reflection of the Angels, who are pure.
In the mirror of the cosmic world, reflection of knowledge is seen through the eyes of the cosmic body. When the cosmic body absorbs the lights in one side, then these lights work on the outer side of the cosmic body. So the inner side of the cosmic body, which is man's reflection, remains void from these 3 lights.

Thus, a body of Nasma is created, which is called the Jinn’s. The inner part of the Jinn’s is emptiness, or the darkness, which contains no reflection of the soul. "On the other hand, when in the cosmic world, the lights of the inner cosmic body reflect the inner side, the lights of knowledge are embedded when emptiness of the inner soul is filled with lights, then the reflection of man becomes dominant and man begins to know himself."

Man gets created in the materialistic world from clay. Material body is called clay because the nature of clay is emptiness. This is man's reflection of forgetfulness. When a child is born it's born into nature. That is to say, it does not possess the intellect of the knowledge of Divine Attributes.

This intellect gradually develops in this world. Intellect's body is the material body. There are two reflections working in the development of the intellect. One is that of the soul, which is the origin and always keeps to man's selfless. The second is that of cosmic body which keeps to man's intellect.

Soul's reflection creates angelic reflection in the intellect. Reflection of the Aura transmits the corrupt and destructive element into the intellect. Between these two there works man's own will. Through Aura the soul's reflection reaches the intellect.

The intellect with the help of these lights brings about man's practical life. Intellectual "will" works towards the arrangements of practical life.

Every light contains reflection of the soul, the goodness, and the reflection of the Jinn’s or the corruption. Goodness is the light, which is the inner side of things, and corruption is the darkness or ignorance, which is the outer side of things.

Every action of man is based on the quantity of good and bad. Likewise each action contains a particular light. This light comes out of the body with each movement of the body. This light then returns to the Aura. As we have mentioned above that the Aura is the circles of lights, which encircle the material  body.

Every light coming out of the material body enters into the Aura, which changes the colours of Aura's circles. It's colours show man's character or the way of thinking. The colours of the lights are the Attributes of God's Names. When man's way of thinking is correct and he knows his soul and God's Existence, then all his actions portray Attributes of God's Names. These colours get absorbed into the Aura during the state of sleep and enter the world of Araaf (a place intervening between heaven and hell) and man keeps his connection with the soul because of its angelic attributes.

Thus it directly receives information from the soul and with his will brings this information onto the curtain of intellect, where the eye of the heart sees them in the form of dreams.

Such true dreams prove salvation for man. Therefore, the Aura, with its angelic attributes, protects man's intellect and keeps him away from any danger or loss. In contrast, if man only tries to understand the lights coming into his intellect with superficial thought, then the Aura's other side, which is the reflection of the Jinn’s, inspire into his intellect all the corruption and destruction.

When man with his destructive thought does something wrong, then every light coming out of his body contains a satanic attribute and he keeps filling the lights of his wrong actions into his Aura day in day out. Because of this, in the state of sleep in the world of Araaf, the Aura makes no contact with the soul. When after death, man permanently moves to the world of Araaf, he will see the body of this Aura with his own eyes. In this world we are creating our body which in the Araaf will take the form of the intellect.

The health and strength, the correct and wrong of that body are made up of our own actions. Cosmic body is only responsible for passing souls information to the intellect. When the intellect breaks its contact with the soul, i.e. the origin, then it gets lost into the maze of the Universe.

Only soul's intellect teaches man the Knowledge of God, because soul's eyes can see into the manifestation of Divine Light, which is the Reflection of God.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)