Series 003 - Dreams


Dreams are an essential part of human life; everyone dreams every night.

Scientific research shows that a person dreams every 90 minutes during sleep. Some dreams are very vivid and are remembered for a long time, while other dreams are forgotten as soon as one wakes up.

Dreams can carry messages, warnings, instructions, and directions in the form of images and symbols.

A dream is the period when the conscious perceives the cosmic life. It experiences that life with the senses of its cosmic body called Jism-e-Misali; conscious means a body, in spiritual terms.

Every human being exists with two bodies. Both bodies are active and alive. Each body exists in a different zone; one in the cosmic zone and the other in the matter zone.

The material body develops the conscious of the matter world. It is made of matter, it eats matter, and lives on matter, and therefore, all its information and experiences are limited to matter or material world.

The conscious consists of the information received through the five senses; sight is the origin of senses, and touch is the extreme limit.

Hearing, smell and taste are different levels of consciousness. All information received through these senses is preserved in the memory. Since human beings live in the matter zone, they can only comprehend and fully understand the messages it receives through the physical senses.

Most of the information that is retained in the memory is received through the sight. According to the Divine law, sight can only perceive in light. During dream one uses all the senses and remembers the experiences of the dream for a long time. During dream the conscious (self-ego) of the person is transferred into the cosmic body.

The dream experiences are the movements of the Jism-e-Misali in the cosmic zone. Human life consists of a lifetime that is made up of day and night. Day or wakefulness activates the physical conscious with sunlight and sound.
Night (sleep) suspends the physical conscious, and awakens and activates the cosmic conscious.

The real self-ego belongs to the cosmic body. The cosmic body creates the physical body, and looks after it during its lifetime. This link is called the light of Tasheed, or life force.

During dream the cosmic body directs the self-ego through the language of symbols and colours. The cosmic body is constantly assessing the movements and emotions of the physical body. The approval of the cosmic body is perceived as a happy dream. The disapproval of the cosmic body is experienced as a nightmare.

Sometimes the dreams can warn forthcoming events. It contains instructions to protect and save oneself from dangerous situations. The experiences and observations of the dream body are called the subconscious.

The cosmic body is called Jism-e-Misali. The spirit creates this body.
The spirit is a silhouette that contains the attributes of God. In the Holy Books, it is referred to as "God breathed His breath into Adam".

Each attribute is a specific force that is creative and intelligent. The spirit contains the Divine command and acts upon it. The conscious of the spirit is the Will of the Creator.

To carry out the Divine plan it uses the Divine attributes to create the first body called Jism-e-Misali. Jism-e-Misali is the personification of Divine attributes. The cosmic body lives in the cosmic world, which is a vast territory that contains all the necessities of life. In this zone, the Jism-e-Misali senses are not complete. In order to stretch its senses to the furthest limit it creates another body.

This extension of the Jism-e-Misali is the physical body and the real ego belongs to the Jism-e-Misali.

During a dream, one perceives with the original ego, and during day the original ego becomes dormant and the physical ego becomes active. The physical body contains matter or material senses, which are the extreme limit of the spirit and Jism-e-Misali.

The sense of touch belongs to the physical body.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)