IW168 - All Wisdom comes


Hello Son,

All Wisdom comes from the Heart filled with Secrets

In the chest of man, God has inspired everyone and given all his secrets for him to discover.

This is the same for everyone, regardless of religion, creed or race and language of people; As Divine knowledge plays no part or divides mankind but only to unite the hearts of those who are looking in silence.

There is no doubt that many have awakened to the truths that unfold each day as they come to terms with their inner self.

The voice each one has is unfolding and many are listening and beginning to understand that they indeed have a soul that speaks.

This soul is a lifetime companion given to all by his Creator to ease them through the dimensions of all reality. It is there to make mankind realise and at the same time as a guide, protector of him SELF.

You may not now but, you will soon, that God is giving mankind a treasure and it is there to be taken. This is in the form of wisdom.
If you think when we die we do not take our possessions with us as this decays and perishes; but ones intellect and consciousness is the same and we indeed keep this ones own wisdom, only to develop further when we die.

The heart of millions are waking and is dependent upon each person and there own interest and how much they are interested to learn.

Your mother; realise that YOU are your own Secret and only YOU can find this.