IW166 - The Base of Origin


Hello Son,

The Base of Origin drawn back to the One Breath

We remind you all that life is a breath and breath is the connection to the Divine Source.

When breathing stops then life ceases to exist in this realm.

The connection through breath is more then you think, for it is ALIVE; for it expands and feeds the living body of all its nutrients and inspires into action. This process has being going on for centuries and millions of years, yet only the Yogi mastered their breathing and found the hidden codes and knowledge from their breath.

Each breath is a unique insight for that person, it too has a sight and knowing particular to that person. The Creator has made a variety of methods for a person to find himself, but the most important is to look inwards within ourselves and our own psyche.

We have our own unique signature, like a finger print that identifies that person. The knowledge ascertained from breathing like channelling or through meditation is unique for that person.

A shallow breathe only gives a poor connection yet a deeper and mindful silence explodes the mind into action through images and divine words.

We forget that during sleep the breathing pattern is serene and calm. A person is so peaceful in his slumber; yet in this state we are too inspired through ones dreams.

But the breathe is the life force, the energy, the root, the foundation, the birth, the ignition, the engine of Man; for it is all this and yet more.

If we study our own breathe in silence we will find it will communicate with us.

For inside the ethers of breathe God presides and His signature is everywhere and in all living things and none living too.

Your mother; be inspired and search for your SELF.