IW165 - Know thyself


Hello Son,

Know thyself

Know thyself; heal thyself; love thyself means all of these heals the inner self of a person

These are common words that reverberates, all around the world and in many languages. They carry weight in meaning and the impact is indeed lightens the heart and oneself.

We tend to forget repeatedly that we govern our SELF and the decisions we take make the person we are. The constant mind that churns thoughts and ideas are there to inspire, work out and even guide the YOU to action so that life is easier and understandable.

This material life is turbulent as gravity is turbulent.

For this very reason we need time out to heal thyself from the surroundings that have impacted our inner balance into turbulence.

This is the same for everyone and no one is immune.

So dear ones bring the balance in your mind and the body will heal. This healing will spread over the whole body until and ease and comfort is expressed and it is also manifested in the heart. Then we can say we are healed.

This peace of mind will strengthen the body, mind and soul complex for you to do other things and the burden of worry will be lessened.

Feel free to BE and be YOU.

The healing continues and the more we concentrate on our inner core through meditation or other means, then we will further ones own insight.

Your mother, be aware and be insightful with yourself.