IW163 - When all else Fails


Hello Son,

When all else Fails you Have Yourself and the Energy of the Universe

Disappoints and being let down when you wanted something really good to happen in your life is a common thing in life. When this involves others we are let down on occasions.

Being in the hands of someone else and we become so dependent and stop thinking for ourselves, is a loss of our inner wisdom.

If we only could take that step forward and see our true self and accept the person we are.

We are not able to do the things that others do but YOU are you, and that is special in the eyes of your soul, who stays with you.

We need to stop blaming or even be too critical and accept the traits that you have and your own uniqueness.

The new paradigm unfolding has seen a blend of people with differing personalities and emotions to fill the world in this era. It must me for a reason, perhaps to make you realise and see where your own future will lie.

The person within you needs to be accepted as a growing part of you who is changing as the new energies begin to dissipate everywhere in the universe.

You are that energy and the centre of YOU.

We forget that it is the universal energy that provides to our needs due to our own requirements and we are the initiators. We make this happen.

So be positive about yourself and be a part on a journey of awakening of so many things and people.

When you too are unfolding and connecting slowly to you SELF.

Your mother; the centre of the SELF is your heart and connect to it and listen.