IW162 - What He denies in Him


Hello Son,

What He denies in Him will Catch up with Him

Did we not say earlier if you choose to ignore a situation or an event it will stay with YOU.

A cup left on a table will stay on the same table until it is moved.

Things do not disappear so it is better they are tackled by either oneself or the help of others.

Often through a variety of emotions like fear, apprehension, ignorance or laziness we choose to delay or not even bother to solve the things that plague our minds.

When this happens our thinking continuously during a period of time is diverted to the very thought we choose to ignore. But why ignore it when it circulates inside your mind waiting for it to be resolved.

Our energy bleeds away and is lost.

The more circumstances of problems we solve the more peaceful our minds become. Attention to our self is a necessity for it is WE who are following a path of perfection. The Creator wants perfection in HIS likeness and has given many examples of people in history to act as role models.

Are we making the effort to do alleviate our own situations that make us worry, if not it is time we should, dear one.

Your mother; life is easier when along the way matters are resolved, and differences are mended between people.