IW159 - The Calling from the Spirit


Hello Son,

The Calling from the Spirit

There is no doubt that you consist of a body, mind and soul; and the driving behind your existence is the spirit.

This is the God consciousness and the spark that gives you idea and all inspirations. The call from the spirit is ever more so then before, for it knows all truths and the needs to conquer oneself.

Your inner depth is within you and the inspiration comes from the spirit, to guide in every step of the way of your life and beyond and including all the realms of existence.

The hew paradigm will simply mean nothing if you doubt develop your SELF and your spiritual awareness; the time has come to accept a vital energy force within you that has all the answers from the beginning of time and the present. There is more knowledge at your finger tips then ever before.

The world will lure you away, in dramas and material events that only give you limited pleasure. But the year is opening everyone to themselves.

This year is the OPENING of yourself, where some will meat their fears and doubts whilst others will be happily driven; but they are those who had made the intentions and carried out the changes within.

Love and kindness is the way for in a mind that does not judge from what is right or wrong; but be free to accept everyone decisions in life.

Develop you inner wisdom and by simply reading and thinking over the meaning; this too is like meditation. The Creator has made all thins easier for you to find your way back home to total enlightenment.

So be aware of yourself and the silence in you that calls out your name and whispers words for you to think over and take action.

The spirit tells no lies but only has words from the truth of all truths that corresponds directly to your existence. It knows more then you think.

A system of order and knowledge is everywhere if you look there is knowledge which can easily be accessed and learnt. So be not down hearted but read and learn. Through this you will learn quickly and he barrier of not knowing will decrease quickly.

Your mother; to know is to awaken the insight within and open all channels of knowledge through perseverance.