IW158 - Circulating positive


Hello Son,

Circulating positive vibes as a light believer

You are all here for a purpose to share your wisdom and knowledge during this new paradigm phase the planet and universe has entered.

What you do reverberates all around the universe and into the ethers of the consciousness.

Like a shining start that shines brightly its light, your presence is exactly the same and others will notice the light too.

Enjoying life through all costs and adversaries is a higher spiritual trait and you have all done so well in doing this.

Remember dear ones that you are all here to help those who are unaware in your circle of friends and family. For them it will be a maze whilst others will laugh at the chance to believe in the unseen.

Nevertheless, it is they who will find the transitional change from 3D to 5D a struggle; as the physical cells will battle to let go of the change. Internally the struggle for control from the lower vibrations continue and the reason so many ailments have been experienced, from headaches, tiredness to completely bedridden.

Let the change take over and be at peace and let go of thinking too much about your own illness. Accept with a smile and simply wait for it to pass, it will surely pass through easily.

You are all a light carriers amongst many who are holding this light for the rest of the planet and the stability of your own region.

So let it be and live in Peace.

Your mother; in the light knowledge and peace shines through to everyone.