IW157 - Trapped inside


Hello Son,

Trapped inside when the doors are really open!!

People, media and even the news will say that you are trapped; for they only see part of an illusion that only feeds fears. They even and will never come up with a correct solution; if they do they will not show you how.

We feel trapped in an environment that feeds commercial ideas and pockets away from an inner knowing; when only externalising and outward teaching that only minimise our thinking.

Not only this but redirecting oneself away from the heart and the soul.

Further away from our own original akashic path, that the soul wishes to tread to expand and find the route back to heaven and the birth.

We find solace in everywhere we go, but the mind is the solution to all happiness.

I ask you, how does a child know he is poor or rich?

He does not know, as money has no concept, for he/she only wants to played with and have a relationship with his/her family and loved ones.

Happiness, sadness come into our lives due to circumstances which are out of our control. These are emotional needs leading to other events which we need to understand.

Nevertheless, all events are beautiful, for they teach us many examples in life. This benefits on our spiritual and personal developmental path.

If only we can retune or recalibrate our thinking away from the doom and gloom the media projects. Be like the child, gentle and yet free from worry and stress.

He/she sees another concept of life that we do not see; for children all around the world can play in any environment for their needs are different then mankinds.

But it must be for a reason, they are so free in there minds.

Perhaps a lesson for all of us.

Your mother; free in though and free in spirit too.