IW155 - The Origin of thought


Hello Son,

The Origin of thought in the mind, and where they come from?

To say simply that they come from the universal consciousness or from the soul is correct but incomplete.

All thoughts originate due to the needs of oneself and a subconscious guidance that may lead to an outcome or action in your life.

They simply do not originate and give birth, for there is always a purpose.

That purpose is dependent upon your everyday life and inclination, as it is your thinking that gave birth to a continuous thought chattering in the mind.

When this is regular, and we have been stressed, worried or even yearning for something then the universe provides the need. This does not have to be challenging but instead something creative or exciting for oneself. It is though thinking on one spot that originated the thought.

When we continue with the same focus thoughts, scenes and images are created to ease your understanding. Every thought give rise to a photon of time. Time also gives birth and we can now measure time according.

The universe now provides the needs due to your deeper concentration level; the more we think the better the concentration and advice, and wisdom come through the dimensional realms and into the physical.

When we start recording this in writings then this is a deeper level of understanding and we can look into it depth through physical eyes and brings it into existence, through ones actions.

When we have an idea all of a sudden, it is for a reason.

We should then find the source of this idea, meaning why it just originated.

The more we look inside and delve deeper into our own emotional needs we will come to a conclusion; to better understand ourself and others too.

Your mother; blessing on a day that we can understand ourself and find the nectar of that thought that will lead you to a new paradigm of understanding.