IW153 - In Silence we Create


Hello Son,

In Silence we Create and the Portal energies come into Existence

Never doubt your thought for they are the first step in creation and manifestation in your life.

You create and manifest each day, but you never knew; for all of mankind are like mini creators and the origin is your thoughts.

As an idea originates in your mind it begins to manifest.

The energies begin to harvest from the universal energies; as long as you keep the focus fresh and on going they will materialise.

Keep fear and worry about something wrong happening, as they will too manifest.

So be positive in everything you do and say and reap the harvest that is due to you.

So dear ones your thoughts are changing and you know this. The confidence and insight grows daily and further when you are reminded each day.

Every person as a portal of energy; like a tap it opened and closed at its will. As your will and heart governs your life; for it is this harmony that leads to desires, needs and wants in life.

So dear ones ask from your heart and listen to yourself and then rely on yourself to carry this through.

You are the master creator so make it happen, you need only very little help; for you all have a lot of energy, if you only knew.

So call upon your soul, your mind, your heart and will it to happen.

The portal opens for you all.

And so it is.

Your mother; let you BE and it will happen.