IW151 - Living in Truth


Hello Son,

Living in Truth and following your Path

When a person selects a higher path for his spiritual growth; he has actually selected a life of truth and honesty for the rest of his life. The universal energies and collective consciousness become active for him.

More and more energies from all corners of the cosmos want to contact him. Overtime they slowly build up inside of him and reach a critical point. When this happens, he begins to awaken. Some acquire knowledge through their higherself, others awaken in their meditations.

Every person wakes up in their time according to how he has conducted his life. We are fortunate that the Creator has speeded up this process to catapult the population into ascension.

Maintaining this truthful lifestyle is essential for further opening of oneself.

If you are awake then awaken others and lift the atmosphere of your friends and family. You are the beacon and the example for all to follow; there is no mistake why you are here in this time.

Once the veil is replaced with honesty then mankind will be restored to their full happiness. The cosmic memory of our origin will be revealed in phases and each time, serenity will follow.

Mankind will recognise that he has nothing to change but a little to reach his goal. An intense desire to succeed will overtake your other desires of the material world.

Your mother; live your life in truth in everything you do and say.