IW148 - Making Paths


Hello Son

Making Paths from your Own Intentions

The new paradigm and our own outlook, even in how we think we have changed; only if you have allowed to be that change.

The stride in many has changed too, a determination for success or being part of a new wave of optimism.

The soul has guided you all through this lifetime even when you could not hear. It waited for the right moments even when you kept silent; giving your images and whispers so that you may understand or drive you on.

The time for prayers has to be fulfilled with an action. We will indeed keep reminding you this message over and over again to instill the energy in you.

My dear ones nothing has ever been so easy or on a plate, for the world has been so challenging and the needs have changed too.

Your own perspectives is driven to succeed in paths that can be soul destroying; but the needs of the heart is the one that will forever give you peace.

For the heart is the energy and balance of the mind, soul and body complex. So ask yourself the needs and wants that make you as a person, but make it pure.

For the sublime and caring one is the one who spreads energy around. The love in him multiplies wherever you go. He walks in ways that is submissive and at the same time authoritative, but not in a way that spreads the ego.

You are indeed a light that shines when others need the brightness to come onto them.

Your freewill is to used for YOU, to promote your own BE-ingness to further the progress on the path that will bring you more light.

If you feel dear ones that you have made mistakes or the route has lengthened, let me say this. The route is forever short for the one that promotes his SELF and others around you.

You are YOU and your path is YOUR path, but bring and spread love wherever you go and onto others too.

So be in peace.

Your mother; the light shines deeper and brighter in your inner BE-ing.