IW147 - You are Creating Your Own History


Hello Son,

You are Creating Your Own History

The old paradigm before 21st December 2012 has many events that repeated in history. Mankind made mistakes due to being mislead and also through greed.

However, they were your schooling. It was these events, happenings and actions you made, that got you here so far. The life you lived before 21st was and is now different.

You are more aware in intuition and instinct. You think differently and some without fear of errors or mistakes, knowing they can be corrected with ease.

Often it was the worry of making an error or not knowing the outcome that held you back. But be assured that your actions and the energies of the universe through positive intent will change all that.

You will automatically do the right thing as your higher self will guide you, even without you knowing. For it will give you images, scenes and even a whisper so that a spark of inspiration can be carried out.

This is a beginning of a new era of doing things.

That is up to you, but sitting around waiting is not the way, dear ones. For the opportunities will never come again until another time.

So be active in your decisions and carry them out; the things that are in your minds. This is the way to a new history of your chapter in life.

Your mother; keep your dreams alive and fresh.