IW146 - Your Spiritual Involvement


Hello Son,

Your Spiritual Involvement with your God Consciousness

Not everyone can channell;
Not everyone can meditate;
Not everyone can listen in silence;
Not everyone can contemplate;

My dear light souls you are all here to achieve the impossible and find the connection within yourself and rid the four lines as a myth.
Because daily a person awakens and he can do the above, either channel, meditate, listen in silence or contemplate.

It is the matter of your own personal dedication and involvement with your God consciousness and spirit. For the impossible can become possible.

What is your target dear ones, just pause for a moment and ask this simple question.
Are you patient and dedicated enough to acquire what you seek. If that is so then be determined and seek it out.

The planet is full of messages in all parts of the world and in many languages, from the same source, the God consciousness that serves all.

So be open minded and let yourself be pulled closer to the message and guidance that resonates with you.

At the same time put the following guidance into your daily life.

Your mother; your guidance is everywhere, we need only to act upon and listen when it comes.