IW145 - An Open mind


Hello Son

An Open mind That receives energy and wisdom from All

A balance mind is indeed a person who lives his experiences each day and is also connected to his higher self during his moments of silence.

A routine that has time for both consciousness, thus completing a cycle of learning in both realms.

The new paradigm, and energies which are flooding the planet from the Divine source, demand changes within and external too. But these changes are to our conscious thought and how we think and perceive things. We need to incorporate the new wisdom that is applicable to this awakening that is unfolding.

Our lives have reached a point but the 3D consciousness needs to develop further and graduate.

If we all make an intention of being in this new vibration and living a new SELF and BE-ing ness; then we can develop in our life and our spiritual path too.

We will find ourselves feeling lethargic and even frustrated as we try to resist the changes within. This cellular struggle is going on constantly as the old energies resist the new ones.

But if we help along the transition by making external changes in our life too, then this need not be a painful event.

This learning and acceptance in so many fields within will continue; as you find new wonders in yourself and new knowledge and insight.

There is much to learn dear ones but the truth cries out within yourself to find things out. You will have an insatiable appetite to keep on looking and searching for knowledge that fits and resonates with you.

Only then you will able to relax and see with a different pair of eyes.

This perception of learning will continue over this period and will unfold and recalibrate the mind, body soul complex.

So seek out and find that suits YOU.

Your mother; see and feel the conscious and subconsciousness knowledge unfold and learn.