IW144 - Dreams, images and Reminiscing


Hello Son,

Dreams, images and Reminiscing

More and more people will find that they are dreaming and seeing things from their memories. Like childhood or even images and scenes of friendship when you were not even thinking about them.

This is all part of the uncluttering that needs to happen before new light enters in your new paradigm body that is in the making.

As the cleansing continues of the mind images will resurface and need to be forgotten and accepted as a passing wave of your life.

The soul and YOU have all learnt life’s examples and have lived in a world that has been at times challenging.

But the new paradigm that is unfolding requires a new energy and a release of old energies, customs, beliefs and rituals that need to be rid of.

Old routines have no purpose but only a dedication and passion for WITHIN.

The inner insight requires an unprejudiced mind that thinks clearly without judgement. Without criticism of race, religion, creed and beliefs for another but open heartedness.

Let love flow through you and circulate all around you, as you have all got so much to offer in your life.

But it is a new life of adventure and a chapter that is opening up as the year goes along. Each time you will feel different as you look within.

So be patient as answers are indeed coming for those who seek.

Let the dreams and thoughts are your guidance for some, whilst others will see the new mind unfold into clarity of thinking.

Your mother; be the change and find your solace in your life and accept that the old has no future in your life.