IW143 - Rekindling your inner wisdom


Hello Son,

Rekindling your inner wisdom into a burning beacon

When everything around you becomes still and the senses become confused as there is too much going on. This is because the outside world, your life has become hectic.

Too much is going on and there is a need to step back and just relax with your SELF.

We forget our inner silence that is the voice for the soul which is your true friend. For he will forever guide and be a companion when others have simply gone.

Your silence is a portal for wisdom and solitude. It is a sanctuary away from the disturbing frequencies which change constantly in your life due to the surroundings.

These changeable frequencies we absorb into our psyche because we too are part of its environment and it carries in the air we breathe.

However, as soon as we find the silence in meditation, contemplation or even thinking deeply all ailments and problems simply disappear.

How you ever wondered why?

This reality is full of dense lower energies and as soon as you enter the realm of the silence higher energies preside and the woes of life and even diseases disappear.

But as soon as you enter back then they become part of you and the environment.

If a person continues to be in the higher realms of thinking then his illnesses are gone completely. His mind is serving and communicating with his soul constantly.

When we find any inner wisdom and expand and research it to the full and keep looking deeper for more meaning; then man has become a true learner of himself and his new found knowledge.

The exploration and insight becomes his tool for his life and it is like a beacon of light in a darkened world.

Your mother; for when all else fails your inner sight will serve you best.