IW141 - The Blinding Light of Ignorance, is No More


Hello Son,

The Blinding Light of Ignorance, is No More

The veils are lifting each day; as you search within, and out in the world; for the truth are open and not hidden.

This will continue in the coming months, and remember it is you who are awakening deeper into your inner sight.

Many assume once the mind awakens it will become easy and we can stop; this is not true, as for the awakened souls too, has many challenges and experiences to fulfill and even to find out.

The journey of the SELF continues beyond all the dimensions and beyond so be patient dear ones for your own cause and path.

The more you look into and within, and know thyself, then you will UNDERSTAND.

This knowing is unfolding and revealing all to those who seek it out. Discuss with like minded minds to learn from each other and be ever so mindful with each other opinions.

The journey and insight are not all the same but the final course is indeed the Divine Source. You each are unique and different in so many ways, and a beacon for others for them to be inspired.

So understand others to understand oneself.

Your mother; be open within as you become open in your world too.