IW137 - Wisdom in YOU


Hello Son,

Wisdom in YOU

Before any goals or achievements can be made, a person must make a choice. God has given man free will, to make judgments and choices for each step in life. When we walk down the high street and look into the shop window, we can see a variety of goods that are on offer. God has created variety and choice for mans pleasure; this is His own reward to mankind.

However for a correct choice to be made which will lead to the best outcome, we have to connect to our soul. The soul and its higher consciousness can guide us to the correct choice. But man due to complacency and apathy makes choices through his own logic and consciousness and without believing in the Creator or the soul. Sometimes the decision we make can be good and be beneficial, but this is rare. Without the gratitude and believing in the Creator, how can man grow his own identity and intellect?

Man only believes in what he can see and anything beyond that is a maybe or not necessary. He is so busy and mislead in this materialistic world that he forgets the favours from the Creator.

Having a link with the soul has been the goal of every living person in the planet and beyond, if only he knew. From this connection, man can do, or develop his attributes in line with God’s own attributes, with His permission. Life without truly knowing and having made thousands and thousands of choices, sometimes using your higher consciousness to guide you, is the best way forward.

Now you know how to make a choice so use this on a daily basis. When you develop further and are more in tuned to me then you can ask whatever you want. At present just go along with the flow of life, without making any ripples in the water.

I will see you later, you're doing really well.

Your mother, who recognises the choices you make each day.