IW134 - Standing firm in a hurricane of denial and prejudism

Hello Son,

Standing firm in a hurricane of denial and prejudism

There is much ridicule even now for those who are awake and know the truth; but stand firm in this hurricane of denial and prejudism, for they know not what you know.

This is indeed a testing time for YOU and your faith must be strong to withstand the strongest winds.

Your awakening at this lowest time in humanity is a miracle and you are indeed the light bearers of the new world that is unfolding. So be not afraid or hide but speak openly when you can, for today’s ignorance is another man's belief in awakening.

Many are now realizing that they read signs or came across messages years ago, but they ignored them. This is because they did not understand as they could not connect the dots, to decipher the meaning.

With a sigh of relief they now know the truth.

Dear ones your foundation must be your backbone to greater WISDOM, so stand firm.

There is an unfolding and recognition taking place before your eyes; a connection with the higher source is having an effect on your clarity of thinking.

Your mother; be the force and light for everyone.